Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Everett Silvertips Defeat Hurricanes 3-2

LETHBRIDGE - Tyler Sandhu broke a 2-2 tie in the third period as the Everett Silvertips came back to beat the Lethbridge Hurricanes 3-2 Wednesday night at the ENMAX Centre.

It didn't take long for the Hurricanes to get going in this hockey game. Just 1:21 into the first period, the Canes would score. Tyler Wong passed it to Jamal Watson from behind the Everett goal and he would score his 8th goal of the season. That was a power play goal and made it 1-0 Lethbridge. Taylor Copper would register an assist on that goal for his first point as a Lethbridge Hurricane. A few later, Cooper drove down the right side and was tripped up, going into the end boards very hard. The newest Hurricane forward spent a considerable amount of time on the ice, attended to by both team trainers and the Hurricanes team doctor. He was loaded on to a stretcher after about 10 minutes and taken to Chinook Regional Hospital for examination. GM Brad Robson reported to us after Cooper was taken off the ice, "He is communicating & is aware of where he is. Concern is his shoulders, neck, & head." The good news is that Cooper later returned to the ENMAX Centre and was seen wearing a sling. He tweeted this after: @coopaloop17: "I'm okay but have a concussion and a hurt shoulder thanks for all the tweets and prayers." The Silvertips were given a 5 minute major for tripping on that play. Once play resumed, the Canes were unable to score on the lengthy power play. The game stayed that way until the late stages of the period when Jujhar Kaira scored with just 14 seconds remaining to even the score at 1-1. Everett held an 11-6 edge in shots on goal.

In the second, both teams played a rather defensive period. The Hurricanes managed to kill off a lengthy 5-on-3 power play for for Everett. The score stayed at 1-1 until late when the Canes would regain the one goal lead when Josh Derko netted his 6th goal of the season to give Lethbridge a 2-1 lead after 40 minutes of play. The shots favoured the Silvertips 20-11.

In the third, the Tips would even the score early when Ivan Nikolishin tipped in a point shot, beating Corbin Boes to tie the game at 1-1. Five minutes later Everett would take its first lead of the night when Tyler Sandhu scored to make it 3-2 for the visitors. The Canes would press late to try and get the equalizer, but that's as close as they would get in this hockey game. Everett would win it 3-2. The Silvertips out shot the Hurricanes 32-18. The Canes penalty kill was good as the Tips went 0/5 on the man advantage. The Hurricanes finished the night 1/2. The loss drops the Hurricanes record to 3-18-2-2 on the season.

Trades Winds Keep Blowing

With the trade of Axel Blomqvist to Victoria earlier in the day, that makes 7 separate deals by the Lethbridge Hurricanes since the start of the this WHL season. Quite frankly, there hasn't been a busier team when it comes to trades in the last year. It started when the Hurricanes dealt Craig Leverton to Prince Albert for Spencer Meyer. Since that transaction on September 17th, the Canes traded Adam Henry to Seattle for (D) Griffin Foulk, then they sent Jaimen Yakubowski and Sam McKechnie to the Thunderbirds for (F) Riley Sheen and (F) Carter Folk. Recently it was the acquisition of (G) Teagan Sacher from Regina for a draft pick, then last week picking up (D) Tyler Bell from Moose Jaw for a draft pick. Last weekend, the trade of Ryan Pilon to Brandon for (D) Nick Walters, (F) Taylor Cooper, and prospect Tanner Browne. And now Axel Blomqvist gone to Victoria for a pair of picks in 2014. Nearly half this team is new in just two months. Then you can add import (D) Kris Khenkel who will join the team in December after Christmas. That'll make 9 new faces. It's been an incredible flurry of personnel changes. The Canes still have an extra goalie and another defenceman which they have to make decisions on soon as well.

Next Up

The Hurricanes hit the road for their next two games this weekend. The Canes will play the Blades in Saskatoon Friday (Nov. 22) and in Prince Albert Saturday (Nov. 23). Both games are 6:00 pm MST start times on CJOC. This will be the second game of the season between Lethbridge and Saskatoon. The Canes won the first match-up earlier in the season. Saturday will be the first of four meetings this year between the Hurricanes and Raiders. The Hurricanes return home next weekend to host Edmonton twice on Friday and Sunday (Nov. 29th & Dec.1)



  1. Fun hockey game to watch for the most part... and against a good team.

    Boes was good, made a few real nice stops, but he also got lucky a few times when he overplayed the puck outside the posts. Kept theatrics and floundering to a bare minimum.

    I hope that Sacher and Tai get the starts on the weekend; Boes can back-up both nights.

    Wong was a monster again last night and was at least twice the victim of illegal hits, holding, &/or roughing that were overlooked by the officials watching from only a stick length away. - The Drake has GOT to start protecting his players and draw more immediate attention to these non-calls.

    It was great to see more of Olynek, Laurencelle, and Estephan, Meyer, Nemeth; They will just get better with the confidence that more ice time will generate.

    After the correct call was made to send Zipp to the showers for a dangerous play made on new Cane, Cooper (very glad he is doing ok), there were some signigicant problems with the officiating.

    There was no arm up hence no penalty to be called on Derko's hit UNTIL AFTER Khaira instigated a fight with him... I thought that the correct call for instigating on Khaira was the only call being made (for a change), THEN all of a sudden "charging" was levied on Derko to even it up. WTF?

    Referee Harris - Interference calls on Folk and Olynek were PATHETIC! Folk lays a great hit ON THE PUCK CARRIER and that is now interference?

    Goalie Lotz suddenly sprawls way OUT of the crease and Olynek at full speed and while being checked skating BY the crease is somehow supposed to avoid him? IF he had any option, it was maybe to try to jump over and if he did Olynek is more than likely head first into the boards and the next to leave the Enmax on a stretcher and waiting at the LRH for Cooper to get out of the X-ray room.

    Interference is when players intentionally run the goalie, NOT when they are skating BY the net and a tender makes a sudden play OUT of his crease! There could be no reasonable expectation for Olynek to avoid that collision.

    BOTH were awful calls made by a referee that is clearly not ready for this league. He made the call on Folk's clean check from a distant yet unobstructed view. He made the call on Olynek through several players and from centre ice. BRUTAL!! Both calls provided undeserved and unearned momentum for Everett that probably took at least a point from the Canes.

    Not that it really matters.... With no points and a -2, Ramsay for a game star over points and effort of Wong or Maxwell? Wasn't even close.

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  2. Have to agree, was pretty surprised that Ramsay got the star over Wong after that nice assist, many passes right out in front of Everett's goal, and huge effort every shift. That being said, nothing against Ramsay at all.

    Great game though, encouraging to see the difference the new players are making already!


  3. Almost everyone is a "new player"! I am going to have to print the roster before the next home game so I can figure out who everyone is.

  4. Have to play Devil's advocate here- So many complaints about the player turnover so far which I just can't understand no matter how I look at it. I'd much rather have players like Sheen, Cooper and Folk than Sam or Yak, nothing personal but they have just been far more effective. As far as defensemen go, I don't see a huge hole where Pilon left, again this is just my opinion-not saying I'm right- but I think Bell, Walters and even Foulk have done just as well (and put in more effort) than Pilon did while he was here. So far in 2 games with Brandon he has zero points and is a -1, still to early to make a judgement but so far nothing spectacular. As for Axel- almost every comment I've read about him is bad, people complaining about him constantly (frustrations that I agree with) yet they are surprised that we didn't get something more for him? Perhaps other teams noticed these same habits with him and a 4th and 8th round pick were as good as it was going to get?

    I'm sure most won't agree with me and many wouldn't admit it even if they did just because it's Robson and DB but I think this is a much better team now than what we started with this season.