Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TRADE: Hurricanes Deal Blomqvist to Victoria

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced today they traded Forward Axel Blomqvist to Victoria for a 4th and an 8th round pick in the 2014 Bantam Draft.

The Hurricanes drafted the 6’6, 212 pound Forward in the first round (17th overall) of the 2012 CHL Import Draft. The younger brother of former Hurricanes defenceman, Albin Blomqvist, played 59 games in his rookie season registering 33 points (7G, 26) and 66 PIM’s. In 19 games this season, he has 13 points including 8 goals and recently scored his first career WHL hat trick (vs. Moose Jaw)

Back in October, Blomqvist also signed a 3-year, two-way entry level contract with the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets. Blomqvist was ranked 163rd overall by Central Scouting but went undrafted this past June. Despite not being drafted, the 18-year old signed an Amateur Tryout Contract (ATO) with the Winnipeg Jets in the offseason, went to their rookie camp in early September and signed the contract following his return to the Hurricanes.

Blomqvist has also been involved in the community with school and hospital visits. The Lethbridge Hurricanes would like to thank Axel for his contributions to the team both on and off the ice.


  1. There goes one half of the "Killer B's". Axel was a streaky goal scorer at best, lacked toughness, spotty speed, and a defensive liability.
    I still do not know what the Jets see in him, hope he does well in Victoria. I will miss seeing the two hands on the hips routine when he skates to the bench.
    Dump'n Chase

  2. Probably asked for a trade and they didn’t want to send him back to Sweden to await a trade.
    Long Run

  3. After his recent hat trick, its buy low and sell high time.

    This will be an interesting trade to assess at the end of the year. If Victoria can afford to insert Axel on a hard working line with good passers and let him float around in the slot, he will probably score a lot of goals for them. He could make the 4th and 8th bantam picks a steal. If they are expecting him to win battles and run over guys, thank you for the picks.

    Axel definitely has some scoring skills, but he doesn't seem to match the new culture of hard work and top fitness. He needs protein, and a fair amount of it if the Jets are hoping for a clone of big Dustin Byfuglien.

    I look forward to the coaches spreading around his huge minutes to players who EARN the ice time. Wong seems to be finally getting a closer to what he has earned, but several other hard workers who have created a lot of momentum for the team still seem to be consistently under 10 minutes a game (i.e. Olynek, Laurencelle, Estephan...).

    Although he had experienced the "healthy scratch," it often appeared to me that if Axel's line was each minus-2, he would be the only player who was NOT benched by the coaches.

    He doesn't block shots. He doesn't give or take hits. He will have to increase his battle skills significantly if he expects to sign a second NHL contract.

    Despite being 6'6", I think his role as a NHL enforcer is unlikely.

  4. Pat,

    The WHL and Royals sites mention going to the Royals with Axel is a conditional pick in 2016. Are the conditions of this outgoing 2016 Bantam draft pick available someplace? Thanks. Doug.

  5. Hey Doug. No, nothing has been disclosed as to what that conditional pick in 2016 might be. That will likely take shape over time as we are more than two years away from that draft.

  6. Pat,

    The "conditions" of the pick would be defined prior to the trade being signed, not variable between now and then.

    The only part to be determined would be the outcome, not the conditions (e.g. If Axel serves on their roster for this year only, then a 6th round pick to Royals in '16. If Axel available for this season and at least 30 games next season, then a 9th round in '16...etc)

    If you interview Robson as you sometimes do following a trade, would you consider asking him about the conditions of the conditional pick? To me, if there is any chance that we could give up any pick prior to the 8th round in 2016, for me this trade would jump to the top of the list "worst trades ever made by Robson." Thanks. Doug.

  7. This trade should have taken place a long time ago. He has been stealing ice time from deserving players! Now get rid of the other half of the Killer "B"'s

    A View from Above

  8. Ok. He was not effective at all (I hated watching his style) but he is obviously a huge body with some potential and had a pro contract. So we get a 4th and 8th round pick - aka bag of pucks? Holy cow. Talk about incompetency.
    Wannabe Oldtimer

  9. In the NHL, this would qualify as a "salary dump". But since the Hurricanes don't play in the NHL, I don't know what to call this deal? Whatever name you give it, I can see that Robson didn't get enough for the a player with an NHL contract.

    Empty Net

  10. In competency? Did not get enough? Look at the facts. Blomquist was a soft player, an opportunist, a liability defensively, did not use his speed on a consistent basis and was -10 after his 3 goals in MJ.
    Plus he is a Euro, which makes him harder to move as most teams in the WHL have two Euros. Victoria had a spot open. Blomquist did not fit into the retooling plans of this club, hence he was moved. NHL contract? Sure but he was not an NHL draft pick, he was an invitee to the Jets rookie camp. The Jets who seem to sign every Euro out of the WHL signed him to a three year entry level contract that totals $600,000. Not much of a gamble on the Jet's part. Good deal, bad deal? IMO it was a deal that needed to be made because Axel did not fit into the style of this club. Tough to play against!

    Dump'n Chase

    1. " was a deal that needed to be made because (insert player name here) did not fit into the style of this club."

      Happens a lot around here.

      Delay of Game