Thursday, 21 November 2013

TRADE: Canes Send (G) Chris Tai to Brandon

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are down to two goalies on their roster after sending Christopher Tai to Brandon for a conditional 8th round pick in 2015.

Listed by the Lethbridge Hurricanes in 2010, the native of Delta, BC was the back-up to Ty Rimmer last season. In 12 appearances, Tai's record was 4-4 with a 3.87 GAA and a save percentage of .886. This season, Tai has played in 8 games posting a record of 1-2. 
"Tai is a hard working goalie who has a positive attitude at practice and in games" stated Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager Brad Robson. He added "Tai is very committed and that also extends to his work in the community. He's involved in our school programs and minor hockey clinics in and around Lethbridge. We thank Chris for all he's done in his time with the Hurricanes and we wish him success with the Brandon Wheat Kings."
The Hurricanes are now down to two goalies, 20 year old Corbin Boes and Teagan Sacher who the Hurricanes recently acquired from the Regina Pats.


  1. Good for Chris Tai! You escaped your Lethbridge captors!

    With two more games against Brandon for the Canes, I hope Tai gets both starts and shuts us out both times.

    A conditional 8th round. What a slap in the face.

    In 2015, Robson will likely give up our first round pick to get him back as a twenty year old.

    1. WOW. After all Chris has done for this organization I cannot believe he was kicked to the curb like this. Beyond belief if you ask me. Not that I dislike Boes, they should have kept Tai as he has an age upside and is technically a good goalie. With more work, he will develop into a solid tender. If Skinner pans out the way they hope, then we may be okay, but there have been other highly touted goalies come here that couldn't handle the game. Good luck Chris in Brandon, but gimme a break, an eighth rounder? It is moves like this that only go to strengthen "the dark side" such as us that want the team sold once and for all.

      Two for Highsticking

  2. Chris Tai, at the tender age of 18, has more class, loyalty, and professionalism by far, than the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

    Chris' sweet tweet: I'd like to thank the Hurricanes organization for having me over the last year and I'm looking forward to a fresh start in Brandon.

    What Chris was probably THINKING at the time of his sweet tweet...

    I'd like to thank the Hurricanes organization for having me bend over for them the last year and I'm looking forward to a few game starts in Brandon without getting scored on and pulled when the defense misses the first five minutes of the game.

    What Chris Tai was far too classy for, but would have been entitled to tweet...

    Thanks Hurricanes- You fed me despite thinking me to be a stray dog. You even put a roof over my head and took me for a walk about once a month. Thank you so much for allowing me to travel on all those excellent cross country bus rides with those super comfortable seats, but for not wasting my energy and irreplaceable WHL time by interupting my bench sitting with too much exhausting game experience.

    I experienced so much inner peace while enjoying the tranquility the bench provides. It was so much less stressful than game time and it was so much better for the team and easier for the fans to remember one goalie name that was letting in all the WHL weekly highlight reel goals while the team's lousy play and ineffective coaching resulted in so few being scored by us.

    To my new owners in Brandon- Sorry my GAA and save percentage are so poor, but by trading for me, you must realize that I must have a lot of energy left over as I have only been given the opportunity to start about 12 games in nearly a season and a half. I think that I may have learned a lot from Ty Rimmer last year, but I haven't had a chance to actually try these new skills in a game yet.

    My confidence is pretty low as I have been on a very short leash. When the coaches did make me vacate the bench that I find so comfortable, thankfully the coach pulled me out after letting in a couple of goals to snipers who somehow got by their young and inexperienced defenders and the hard hitting forward, Axel Blomqvist, who still doesn't understand "the system."

    Five and a Misconduct .... for Goaltender Interference

    1. Very well written. The wife is especially disappointed in this trade and asked that I thank you for this. The kid never got a chance. Disgraceful.


  3. I think this is a mistake, a huge mistake! I do not know what they see in Boes. I think Battah had a dislike for Tai and kept him out of the net. Drake bears blame for this as well. Certainly Boes's record indicates the type of goalie he is! Again disappointed in the Canes!

    A View from Above

  4. Great kid! I liked his style in nets, especially his rebound control.
    Hope he does well in the Wheat City. But he has moved from a team with 3 goaltenders to another team with 3 goaltenders. I would say that staying in the WHL is better than playing in the AJHL. Best wishes Tai!

    Dump'n Chase

  5. Any player that can get out of the Hurricanes organization should be thankful. Its the poor players that are left that I feel sorry for....SC