Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Graham Hood New Hurricanes Captain

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are proud to announce this afternoon that veteran forward Graham Hood has been named the 22nd Captain in Lethbridge Hurricanes history.

Hood follows in the footsteps of his former teammates – Brody Sutter, Cam Braes (2011-2012), Mike Reddington (2010-2011) and Carter Bancks (2009-2010) who have all worn the “C” during his time in a Hurricanes uniform.

“The Hurricanes are proud to name Graham Hood as our Captain for the 2012-2013 season. Graham is a very well respected player not only on our team, but in the WHL. He is a physical presence who plays the game hard and leads by example on and off the ice” commented GM and Head Coach, Rich Preston.

Graham Hood, an Alternate Captain last year, was originally selected in the 2nd round (23rd overall) by the Regina Pats in the 2007 WHL Bantam Draft and played with the Pats until he was acquired by the Canes as part of a package deal for Carter Ashton in the 2009-2010 season. A big body at 6’3 and 220 lbs., the product of Martensville, Saskatchewan had his best career in the WHL last season with 37 points (16G, 21A) in 68 games reaching career highs in goals, assists and points.

Hurricanes Captains:

1987-1988 – Kevin Heise
1988-1990 – Peter Berthelson
1990-1991 – Brad Rubachuk
1991-1993 – Jamie Pushor
1993-1994 – Shane Peacock
1994-1995 – Scott Townsend
1995-1996 – Randy Perry
1996-1997 – Dale Purinton
1997-1998 – Luc Theoret
1998-1999 – Sean Robertson
1999-2000 – Jason Hegberg
2000-2001 – Thomas Scantlebury
2001-2002 – Ryley Layden
2002-2005 – Brent Seabrook
2005-2006 – Mark Ashton
2006-2007 – Kris Hogg
2007-2009 – Ben Wright
2009-2010 – Carter Bancks
2010-2011 – Mike Reddington
2011-2012 – Cam Braes
2011-2012 – Brody Sutter


  1. Good logical choice. Graham played like a man possessed throughout the training camp and in the exhibition games until his slight injury.Apparently he is well liked and respected by the players, which is great when you consider how young this team is. Graham will just have to watch his PIM's this season.

    Just want to clarify something that was said last night on the Media Round table. Preston's team expenses have been either below or at his budgeted expenses each year. They are certainly not out of line. The money problems with the Hurricanes comes from a lack of advertising revenues, and all forms of ticket sales.

    Misleading facts like the person who wrote in the Roasts and Toasts that the Hurricanes had lost $700,000 last year and that they should not use local hotels for the AGM, because they can get the Enmax for free (since when is anything free in the Enmax?) only go to perpetuate the ill feelings towards the Canes.

    Facts should be accurate.

    As mentioned also on the show last night.....it is high time that people let go of the past. The future is now! For once Dylan shows a sign of a positive nature! Canes in 3rd or 4th!

    Season opener Friday! Go Canes Go!

  2. Time to place a bet on Pat's Blog.
    According to the 1:41 poster, Dylan predicted that the Hurricanes would finish 3rd or 4th in the conference.

    Therefore, I would like to bet Dylan a steak sandwich lunch and a beer or two; that the Canes will not finish that high.

    Of course, my thinking behind this is only based on hoping to lose the bet!


  3. I also would like to take that bet... couldn't believe what I heard from Dylan but I feel the same way...and I am willing to loose the bet...I am on the band wagon Dylan let's let er roll

  4. Dont really understand Preston's desicon about the Captaincy. Hood has been an average player his whole career. He has shown glimpses of a great power foward and has been invincible on most occasions. But rich loves his " old sasky boys"


  5. Hood is a good kid but has been invicible for most of the last three years as Caniac mentioned. Hood is tough but not sure how well respected amongst the team. My guess was Johnston as Captain but Preston's thinking probably was Johnston is actually someone he could get something for in a trade and that he will move Johnston sometime during the year. Hood isnt going anywhere.....lets get the season started! TD

  6. I don't think anyone on the panel mentioned team expenses as a problem. Don't assume that the travel, hotel and food for the players is the expense problem. the problem, as mentioned on the radio show, is that the front office gets bigger and more expensive, taking them $500,000 to make $528,000. They are, as was stated on the show, throwing good money after bad.

  7. Preston picks Hood because he is a Saskatchewan Boy! What kind of crazy criteria is that for selecting a captain? Give the knowledgeable hockey fans a break! But if that is Preston's thinking according to Caniac, then how do you explain his last 4 selections for Captain? Bancks-BC, Reddington-BC, Braes-BC, Sutter-AB.

    Hood invisible? He was the biggest force on the ice during the training camp round robin tournament. I watched all 6 games! He was also a force in his exhibition game, sticking up for his younger team-mates when needed.

    As for being liked by the other players......he is and also gets their respect.

    It is his OA season, and despite his being from Saskatchewan, the brass selected him as captain for what they have seen and heard over the last month.


  8. Hood was the best choice. As a billet, I know for a fact that all the guys love Hood. A lot of questions have been raised about Johnstons willingness to play through pain amongst the team. My player told me that last year Hood and Sutter were the only guys that were true leaders, would call guys out, shoulder the blame after some losses, and look visibly mad after losingHe said everyone of the other older guys did not hate losing like Graham and Brody. Hope this helps anyone wondering why Daniel was not named Captain.

  9. Spokane used their enforcer as captain last year, no big deal.

    As for the "sasky boys", havn't 3 of the 4 captains under Preston been BC boys...?

    This club is looking a lot like Portland did in 2009-2010...


  10. There hasn't been any sask boys Avalible to be captain until this year. Spokanes captain was also among team leaders in scoring. That' comment about Johnston battling thru pain is ridiculous. My guess is he made it clear to the team he wants to be moved.

    Season opener against med hat kitty's Friday!
    Go canes go


  11. Caniac, if the team isn't behind the captain it makes a big difference. Maybe it was a simple as Hood being more liked by the players than Johnston.
    I think Hood is a fine choice and we will have to wait and see how wearing the "C" affects his game.


  12. Would have liked to see one of the players,who will likely be with the team for at least the next 2 years, have been named captain.

  13. I to am a billet and I would like to congratulate Graham for being picked as captian. I think he will be a good leader on and off the ice. And Yes he is well respected by his teamates as is Dan.

  14. how in the world can a guy who arrived in camp 25-30 pounds overweight be named captain. i watched much ofcamp and the guy was sucking wind like a salty old time player. he also lost his composure many times during the intersquad games. i can not believe it.

  15. Canes in 3rd or 4th? That's optimistic, especially in light of the lockout and the extra talent that some teams will be guaranteed to get back like Reinhart and Dumba. They may have been sent back anyways but now it's for sure. That being said I hope that prediction comes true.

    Also congrats to Henry and Blomqvist for making the preseason draft rankings! Go canes go!