Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sutter & Anderson Back to Lethbridge

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are getting two of their big guns back just before the start of the regular season.

Goaltender Brandon Anderson is on his way back from the Washington Capitals camp and Brody Sutter is heading to Lethbridge after spending the last few week in Carolina. Brody Sutter said this on Twitter this week: "Headed back to Lethbridge for my 20 year old season. #mixedemotions. Thanks to the Hurricanes organization. I'll be back, #bigger&better"

Hurricanes Assistant G.M. Brad Robson told me today both players will give the Canes a big boost heading into opening weekend and he mentioned the veteran presence will also help the younger players who are seeing their first taste of the Western Hockey League.

With Anderson returning, this now leaves the Canes will three goaltenders: Brandon Anderson, Damien Ketlo, and Tanner Kovacs and with the severity of Austin Fyten's injury still unknown, the Hurricanes have some interesting decisions to make over the next few weeks, leading to the overage cut down date in mid-October.


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  1. Pat,
    When do teams have to be down to a 25 man roster? It looks like there are 29 on the roster right now?

  2. Too bad Sutter didn't hang around there longer, but great to see him back, adds some much needed offense. Too bad Fyten is injured and hopefully not too long, definitely counting on him to carry a large share also. Ketlo on the move again?

  3. Ketlo was told up front what the situation was. So I would imagine that Preston will do his level best to see if he can find Ketlo a gig in the "Dub". However, depending on how serious the injury is to Fyten and how long he might be out could muddy the waters a bit.
    I know it is history, but there was absolutely no way that hit on Fyten (in Taber) was a non-call.I was at the game, and Theissen missed it big time....oh well what else is new?

  4. I too was at the game in Taber! Like Blogger #3 I am agast that Thiessen missed that call when he was within 10 feet of the hit. It was a cheap shot that should have been penalized.

    I feel sorry for Fyten a talented player who has suffered too many injuries. Hope for a speedy recovery as we need him.

  5. I believe teams have to be down to 25 skaters by October 12th.

  6. I'm hoping the team can keep Ketlo until Fyten is off the injured-reserve list (which I'm assuming he's on??). That would give Preston more time.

    Agreed, Fyten has had a terrible time with injuries in his junior career and doesn't need a "wanna-be" junior ref blowing calls on his behalf. Not that a correct call would've stopped the injury, but at least there would've been some sort of justice. Isn't that what the refs are there for? (As a deterrent for those hits in the future??).

    Hope Theissen got some harsh words for the league. As a fan, I'd love to have some contacts info for the league to put pressure on them to get their refs on par with the level of play. Then they would know we are not happy with the current level of referring.

  7. October 12th??? Wow, missed that the first time I read this. That gives Preston quite a bit of time to evaluate what he's got and what he thinks he needs.

    Kind of sucks we won't see the team until Sept. 30 though! In the 'Hat tomorrow night.......I read where Bunz is back for the 'Hat.