Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tigers Beat Hurricanes 10-1 in Pre-season Play

MEDICINE HAT - Not a good night for the Lethbridge Hurricanes in their third exhibition game of the season.

The Medicine Hat Tigers have scored three times in the opening 10 minutes on goals from Parkkonen, Sheen, and Rehak to give the home team a commanding 3-0 lead in the early going of this game. Tanner Kovacs started the game in goal for Lethbridge. Shortly after that Emerson Etem got in on the action with a couple of quick goals, including one short-handed to put Medicine Hat ahead 5-0. With two seconds to go in the period, the Tigers would get one more as Rehak potted his second of the night to give the Tigers a huge 6-0 after just one period. Jonny Hogue is now in goal for Lethbridge. Medicine Hat outshot the Canes 16-9 in the opening 20 minutes.

Things didn't get any better for the Canes in the second period either. The Tigers found the back of the net three more times to increase their lead to 9-0 after 40 minutes of play. Rehak scored his 3rd of the night for Medicine Hat along with goals from Hart and Valk, both in the final minute. The shots after two periods favoured the home team 28-20.

In the third period, the Tigers hit double-digets on the score board when Rehak scored his 4th of the game putting Medicine Hat ahead 10-0. The Hurricanes finally broke the goose egg when Mitch Guiel scored, but the game would end 10-1 in favour of the Tigers. The final shots were 43-33 Medicine Hat.

Ryckman, Johnston, Braes, Oslanski, Ramsey, and Hood were the only veterans dressed for the Hurricanes in this game.

The Hurricanes are 0-3 in WHL pre-season play, after dropping their first three games against Calgary and Red Deer the last couple of nights. The Hurricanes host Medicine Hat Wednesday night at 7:00 at Nicholas Sheran Arena.



  1. Kovacs has got to go. He played poorly throughout training camp and now carrying on into exhibition games. I predict a trade to bring in a solid backup and give up the excess quality defensemen

  2. Pat you mentioned Hood Braes and Ramsey were the only foward veterans in the game...except for Fyten and Sutter who are at camps only Maxwell didnt dress up front?...with no time frame for Sofillas and Tot...these young kids are going to get pummeled without more veteran support. I went to the game kids are skilled but so small struggle along the boards and getting through the neutral zone....need to make some moves now or confidence will be a problem for the kids...4 goals on 8 shots is a big other post said Kovacs struggled in camp and he is right so there is some issue there that needs to be dealt with...

  3. Maybe the organization should take the blame for this one! Add 15 new young inexperienced kids to the the last team in the league to start camp...have only 2 days of practice after training camp and then play 3 games in 3 nights on the road...what genius planned this out??? Confidence is a big part of the game and pre-season should be a time for review and a time for building team confidence and should be designed to instill that. Its time for management to look in the mirror...New Mr. President are you watching and listening????

  4. Comment 3, you are bang on! This hockey operations staff have shown themselves to be failures the past two years. Remove them already. It's friggin nauseating. Don't let them ruin high end talent. That would be an absolute embarrassment to the organization and city.

  5. I haven't seen any of the games, so I am happy this blog is out there. Being a 'Canes fan in Calgary makes it somewhat more difficult to follow the team, thank you Pat for making it easier. ;-)

    Anyway, from what I have read this morning on here it looks like the 'Canes are having quite the "baptism by fire" so far this pre-season.
    Kovacs is apparently not ready to step up, maybe Preston will change things up and start Hogue between the pipes (with Anderson on the bench if things start to get bad) on Tuesday, along with more veterans? It couldn't hurt based on the Tigers' result....

    I don't know, as I said I have not seen the matches, but that's the impression I am getting from reading the last three blog posts this morning.

    Keep up the great work Pat! I appreciate it. :-)

  6. Three games in three nights and dont forget getting in at 200 or 300 in the AM Fri night from Red Deer then having to work a BBQ early Sat from 1000- 200pm then jumping on a bus for two hours to Med Hat...that shellacking should have been easy to predict...completely a result of managements incompetent planning...if it was a privately owned team heads would roll throughout the organization....I am sure with a couple days of practice and a home town crowd they will bounce back Wed! GO CANES!

  7. This was basically a second year midget team that played a WHL team and the score reflects that fact. Did not go to the game and from the look of the game sheet Ryckman (-3) and Braes (-4) might not have gone to the game either. It is time to get rid of Ryckman he is not a Dman for the Whl.

    I am sure that Mr. Preston will be cranking up the phone lines. This is preseason and a time to see what you have.

    All of the Michael Dyck supporters should get over the fact that he is gone. We finally have a pipeline of young talent. Something we did not have under the previous leadership.

  8. So Canes acquired a 20 year old Goaltender I guess they dont think Sutter or Fyten may come back...strange move...must be more to the story

  9. It is long overdue......SELL THIS CLUB TO private ownership!
    If Ryckman played with the same poise as 14year old Pilon, he would be a good d-man.

  10. I agree with 3rd post, they have so many high end 15 and 16 year olds coming down the pipe they need to change their ways. Most of the top end teams in the dub have spring camps, invite unlisted 17 and 18 yr olds to fall camp, and dig up gems from junior A. Canes invite their 50 protected list plus some 15 and 16 yr olds and go through the motions in training camp - not how you build a winning team.
    They need somebody with experience building a team, until they find that the future looks dim.

    PS Sutter won't be back, maybe a year or two in the minors and then a shot with the big Canes.

  11. I am a long time Canes fan and always reluctant to simply blame coaching but when the power play, penalty kill and break out are so ridiculously awful it simply makes me want to ask where the hell is Bryan Maxwell and can he please come take us back to the memorial cup. It's nice there.

  12. And private ownership would do what???