Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hurricanes Acquire Overage Goalie From Regina

Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager and Head Coach Rich Preston announced today that the Canes have acquired 20 year old goaltender Damien Ketlo from the Regina Pats in exchange for a conditional 5th round pick in the 2011 WHL Bantam Draft.

Ketlo has amassed 114 WHL games, over 6138 minutes played and a career GAA of 3.81 with a 0.888 save % in three seasons with Regina.

“We like the way he plays – we feel like he’s been a quality starter in the Eastern Conference for a while now, we’ve seen plenty of him and he’s played well against us” said Hurricanes Goaltending Coach and Assistant Coach Chris Chisamore “He is a goaltender that we think can be a game changer and he’s fundamentally solid – he’ll give us some extra depth at the position.”

In lieu of this trade, Lethbridge will still retain a pair of picks in the fifth round (Everett, Vancouver) as well as a trio of picks in the sixth round – their own, Seattle and Regina’s.

The Hurricanes expect to have the newly acquired Ketlo in town for practice early this week as he is expected to suit up for the Canes preseason matchup on Wednesday against the Medicine Hat Tigers. The September 14th game against Medicine Hat is set for Nicholas Sheran Arena in West Lethbridge in support of Lethbridge Minor Hockey. Tickets for this game are also priced at just $10 with shared proceeds from the sales going to support Lethbridge minor hockey.

(From the Ryan Ohashi, Hurricanes Manager of Commnications & Events)


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  1. So who is not coming back Pat Fyten or Sutter? TD

  2. I can honestly say that I haven't been given any indication that either one of those players is not coming back. I find it an interesting acquision too. We'll have to see how this all plays out.

  3. What about Anderson? He has not shown well in camp and quite frankly since he signed his contract he has not been the same. I do not think they wil keep a 20 yr old goalie as back up and I do not see Anderson as a back up! More to come!

  4. Ok thanks for the comment Pat, as it is a conditional pick maybe the condition is there is a 20 year old spot for him when everyone returns from NHL camps. At least it will help for the remaining of pre-season and maybe the first couple of reg season games if Anderson isnt back. TD

  5. It is a "conditional" 5th round pick, guess it depends if he stays and plays or not. October 13th is the overage deadline so Preston has a month to make that decision. Fyten or Sutter are the two possible candidates to not come back, but the thinking seems to be that if one is not to come back it will likely be Sutter.

    Preston still needs to shake up the defense. Kiziuk, Oslanski and Ryckman are prime targets to be released/moved. Fans are getting tired of Ryckman's lack of intensity and turnovers.

  6. Actually you don't speak for all fans. There are some of us who has seen vast improvement in Ryckman and can definitely see the potential in Kizuik.

    I am curious about the 20 year old situation though. I suppose this was bound to happen when we spent an entire season developing a back-up goaltender that it was quite obvious would not be back for 11/12 rather than developing a younger goalie that would be WHL-ready. If we keep this Kelto and Anderson we will be in the exact same situation next season.


  7. Improvement by Ryckman in his play! When and where did this happen? Must have missed that at Taber. Looking at the Game sheet for M Hat the Tigers did not notice any improvement ( -3). Only saving grace in the Innisfail game is they did not post the +/- in that game. MONE RYCKMAN now! Even if we get a bag of pucks for him it's an improvement.

  8. What about Anderson? Did you see the whole team last year? I hardly think you can pin that mess on a Goalie. Did you see the back up goal tending?
    Its got nothing to go with signing a contract. That was last year this is now. Kovacs has a terrible camp and a terrible start. Should we give up on him to! We need a team to win a game not a goalie to have to try to steal the games.

  9. And Anderson had a great camp NOT. The game in Taber during the shootout it looked like Anderson hardly even tried. There will be something else happening. Anderson will not be a backup. It makes no sense to bring in a 20yr old to be a backup.

  10. Ryckman played 25-30 min a game last yr as an 18 yr old... if he was on the 2nd or 3rd defense pairing, more of us would be saying how solid he is and would want him to play more.

  11. Unless Sutter or Fyten does not come back I dont know why we would give up that much offense from one of our current 20 year olds. Anderson is a decent goalie and obviously Kovacs needs development. If Sutter or Fyten doesn't come back then packaging Anderson and one of the excess D men for a couple of skilled 18/19 year old forwards would make sense. My guess is Regina's goalie had no home and we needed short term help until Anderson comes back (maybe a couple of games into regular season) so we offered a conditional pick (only valid if he stays) and it gives Preston some flexibility until he sees what unfolds with Fyten and Sutter while fixing a short term problem and giving him more potential trading move.

  12. I think this trade is a cog in the next trade with Anderson going with a couple vet D for some 18-19 forwards. As for Rykman, super nice kid, has improved the last couple years but was clearly outplayed in MH, even by our rookies. Oslanski looked solid in MH, so did Johnson for our vets. Surprised no releases have been announced now that 1/2 of preseason is over.

  13. I agree with comments above. I think Rich brought in a 20 year old goalie that was on his way out of Regina anyway to help until NHL camp guys come back. If all 20 year olds come back he will probably just release him outright at no cost. If one of the 20's doesn't come back he may package up Anderson in a deal to bolster the forwards. It seems like a good move to me.

  14. I find it funny that this trade is an indication of another yet to come as most are speculating. This is what happens every time with Preston. Remember the last 2 years when we traded away players for picks. Everybody said Rich is up to something and we will see a big trade soon. I am not getting fooled again. This is just Preston making a move that makes everybody shake their heads and wonder WTF he is thinking. He is becoming the king of making trades that only make sense to himself. Prove me wrong Mr Preston.


  15. Short on 19 yr old forwards? You released skilled ones years ago for non skilled ones that you kept. Keeping Tarnasky was for sure a bust and we all knew it. As for Moser, he had potential but no one to guide him in the right direction. I don't believe Roy had bad picks in that draft I say no coaching and no team comaradre. Pretty obvious team has issues and always will unless things change..Players leave this team and do well on other teams..Good Luck this season....

  16. Who was drafted in 2007 and where are they now? How many played for Lethbridge? How many were traded or released? Who was first round and were they drafted in NHL?

    Thought Roy had a good eye for hockey. Believe problems with team is staff and it rolls down to the team. Fell really bad for team, They are good kids who could have done well. Fans don't help team with negative comments.

  17. It's definitely speculation on the fans part Sku. I haven't heard anything from the media or inside info other than on fan blogs.

    I agree Ryckman has improved, but his stats show that he is still a step behind similiar to last year. I just don't know if they can get much in return for him at this early stage of the season. It would be best to let the season start and re-evaluate. Johnston seems to be the rock on the back end with the new Swedish player.

    As for the goaltending.....Kovacs can't sit on the bench if they want him to develop, so I think he'll be sent down to get more PT.

    But the overage 20 year old situation is a head-scratcher.(??) Trading Anderson this early would be kind of premature.

  18. This new goalie is only temporary imo to get through the nhl camps and until andy returns. after that he will be gone unless one of our 20's stay in the bigs, but I doubt it.

  19. To anon at 10:41pm. Here is the 2007 Canes Draft picks:

    Round Overall Player
    1 6 Alex Theriau
    1 18 Mark Reners
    3 50 Brandon Anderson
    3 53 Brent Martin
    6 119 Derek Ryckman
    8 163 Neal Tarnasky
    9 185 Chris Romanchuk
    10 207 Ryon Moser
    11 224 Austin Baecker
    11 229 Cody Castro
    12 251 Brandon Brossoit
    13 273 Aaron Elaschuk

    These should be the backbone of this team, but I believe only Anderson and Ryckman remain with the club.
    The 2008 draft was not any better so we have 2 years of what should be the core of the team that is weak. The 18 and 19 year olds.

    Round Overall Player
    1 18 Phil Tot
    2 28 Reid Jackson
    3 62 Drew Graham
    4 84 Brandyn Hulit
    6 111 Jordan Baillie
    7 150 Sam Lawson
    9 183 Shane Brolly
    9 192 Alex Wakaluk
    10 204 Matthew Scarth
    10 216 Austin Yadlowski
    11 221 Brock McDonald
    11 218 Adam Reid

  20. Regarding the 2007-2008 draft, the 18 and 19 yr olds. Only a few on the team. Not sure they all got a fair shot. Those kids were caught up in the staff transitions, firing of coach and gm. Hope they are all doing well and still playing hockey.

  21. People! Stop being so lazy and start attaching names or nicknames to your comments. It makes it pretty hard to discuss a topic when EVERYONE IS ANONYMOUS!!!

  22. I'm going to agree that previous GM Stasiuk didn't have a very good eye for talent. Not saying he didn't make some good picks, but overall, he favoured small, quick players. He would then have to trade for some size up front after the season started and the smaller forwards started getting smacked around. One example would be Kyle Beech (and we all know how that went!!). There are other examples....

    I still don't know why current GM Preston rushed out to bring in a goaltender?? I realize the new goalie is supposed to be starting until Anderson gets back, but is it SO unrealistic to give Kovacs some starts (what, 3 or 4) until Andy gets back??? Kelto's stats aren't enough to convince me he is better than Anderson, so to release him after Anderson comes back would be a waste of a draft pick.