Tuesday, 1 March 2011

B.C. Trip: Day One in Kelowna

Good Morning from Kelowna!

Didn't expect to wake up at a hotel here given the fact we were supposed to end the day in Chilliwack, but a long travel day coupled with bad weather and some road closures delayed our travel Monday. It took us 13.5 hours to make it from Lethbridge to Kelowna. On a good day it should take you just over 8 hours to make that same trip. Well, the important thing is we are here in one piece, thanks to Ace, the Hurricanes bus driver. To be honest with you I don't think bus drivers in this league get the recognition they deserve. To me, these guys are the unsung heroes. They get get these hockey teams from point A to point B during all hours on the night and in some seriously bad weather sometimes. It surely doesn't seem like an easy job, but a tip of the hat to Ace and all his bus driver colleagues for all the work they do.

As you can see in the picture there is some serious snow in this part of the country. That's a picture of bus parked in Revelstoke with about four feet of snow on it! I don't know if I've seen this much snow around here in a long time. We waited for 3 hours on the highway outside of Golden because of two separate crashes. Like I said, lots of snow!

Anyway, we will base this B.C. trip out of Kelowna for the whole week, instead of splitting it up between Chilliwack and here. The Hurricanes will practice in Kelowna today then have the rest of day off. Tomorrow we will head to Chilliwack late morning and get ready for the game against the Bruins. It'll be a battle of two teams fighting for their playoff lives. More on that tomorrow.


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  1. Rough trip..now they have a 4 hour trip through rough roads tomorrow to Chilliwack....good luck boys!

  2. Pat. I'm expecting a ton of reports and updates while you sit for endless hours in the 48 seat chariot and eating in greasy roadside diners. Nothing else will suffice!! lol

    Just kidding, in all honesty, I've made some pretty hairy trips on buses as well (hockey and skiing) and they are't fun for the faint of heart. I remember one trip I made over to Cranbrook for a tourney when I was about 12. We finally get there after what seemed like almost veering off the road several times and making me put my head in my lap. The coach yells, ok, let's get our rooms and have a nap! I'm like, "A nap? I'm a little strung out at the moment!"

    And ya, those bus drivers must have nerves of steel! I remember former Bronco bus driver telling us stories of his bus driving heroics.......they were funny to hear, but I'm sure they weren't too fun to be in. They have young lives in their hands and they do a hell of a job. Nobody needs to be reminded of the consequences of the very few accidents (ie. Swift Current).

    So, once again, here's to the bus drivers (where's my beer?) and I hope you guys make it safe and sound.

    Good luck boys.

  3. Big storm predicted for Vancouver and the lower mainland tomorrow...safe travels!