Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Canes This Week: Playoff Preview

It's playoff time!

The Hurricanes This Week podcast, hosted by Jordan Karst is setting up the Lethbridge Hurricanes upcoming playoff series with the Red Deer Rebels.

On the show this week is Hurricanes play-by-play voice Dustin Forbes, Hurricanes Board Member & former player Mike Wuchterl, and Matt Battachio from Global TV Lethbridge.

Also on this week's show Joe McFarland stops by with another audio blog talking about some of the best WHL mascots, I'll have a player profile with Hurricane Brady Pouteau, and Jordan weclomes WHL Insider Gregg Drinnan to the program from Kamloops.

That and more on Hurricanes This Week for Monday, March 20th.


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  1. In the first period in game one the Hurricanes revealed that they are capable of competing and playing exciting playoff hockey. By the end of the game, we were reminded that one period is not enough. Sutter is a master of official-manipulation, and his team will compete through three periods.

    Spacek knows how to slash the stick out of the hands of the puck carrier in plain view of both officials (and not get called), and Bobyk knows how to slash and cross-check in retaliation after getting hit without getting called.

    Canes-Coaches - Power play - Lack of plan / Wrong plan / Lack of urgency / Lack of compete / Lack of success, are its most consistent features.

    0/16 in the three most recent hockey games. ZERO goals in sixteen chances with an extra player on the ice with THIS roster?! - Now, recall the definition of "insanity"?

    Time for a revised plan or choose different players that will outwork the opposition and take the puck to the net. Get your snipers on the half walls below the dots where they have a chance to snipe. Get your moving screen in front, and fire at the sides! You have recent footage of 6/14 power play goals (against) in the same three games that you went 0/16. You would have won two of three of those games had you converted at the same rate.

    Stop the insanity or book a tee-time.