Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Canes This Week Mar. 27, 2017

The latest edition of the Hurricanes This Week podcast is available for your listening pleasure.

This week, host Jordan Karst welcomes former Lethbridge Herald Sports Editor, Dylan Purcell to the program along with former Board Member and radio colour analyst as well as myself.

We discuss the first few games of the post-season series between the Lethbridge Hurricanes and Red Deer Rebels. Also on the program is long-time Rebels radio voice Cam Moon, a report from Hurricanes play-by-play man Dustin Forbes and Joe McFarland stops by with another audio blog.

Jordan will have special Friday edition of the show March 31st to recap the two games of the series in Red Deer and to set up Game Five Saturday night back at the ENMAX Centre in Lethbridge.



  1. I am fearful that this team's lack of a killer instinct is going to be their undoing. Again last night, like most of the season, once the boys were up 3-1, they decided to let their foot off the gas, and let Red Deer back in the game. For most of this one, the Canes were all over the Rebels. Both the shots on goal and the score did not accurately display how much of the play was in the Rebels end. I fear that if they don't find that foot on the throat mentality very, very soon, this one is over.

    -What does Red Deer have on the power play that so stymies the Canes? All Rebel goals tonight.(goalie pulled, might as well be power play) All of our big, tough defensemen have to start clearing people out of the paint, and managing rebounds. Red Deer is showing the way as Wong, Babenko and Bellerieve are getting hammered every time they touch the puck. The Canes need to respond in kind and match intensity.
    -What was up with the overtime goal? At this team of year, to have defensemen skated around like that is deplorable. Like Howie Meeker used to say "You gotta take the man" If the Canes make it through this series, their defensive play has to improve big time. Playing that way against Medicine Hat will guarantee you a quick exit.

    The boys have to rise to their regular season playing ability. No disrespect to the Rebels, but the Canes Have, and should, be dominating this group. They have to get back to the kind of hockey that brung them to the dance. Quick transitional play, winning the puck battles in both ends of the ice, and a killer power play.

    Go Canes Go!!!


  2. Doesn't help when the officiating costs them the game. 3 late power play, 2 of 3 very questionable, and Believe gets the red line. Nope it's icing cause there idiots. But the canes deserved to win that game they dominated almost the entire game.

    1. Absolutely right, Peter! Canes took it ALL night long from the Gerbils and got TWO f'ing powerplays! (Not sure about the icing on Bellerive. It know it was close though, and usually those are waived off, but only if they are iced BY the Rebels, I guess).

      I find it absolutely AMAZING that despite all the skill and talent on the Canes, that they still had to cheat over twice as often as the Rebels.

      You get no argument from me about the Canes Penalties. All legit! But if you try to tell me that all the trips, holds, slashes, punches to the head, that they had to choose from that the Rebels committed all game long WERE NOT penalties, F-you, Kowalcroch!

      And when the same game is on the line, and in the last 10 minutes, NOW a penalty is a penalty again?? So frustrating!

      Truth is it doesn't matter if it is Croch and Kowalshit, or Spurgross and Anderspas, or VulAgar and Spazalski, its the same BS. The weak-minded, fellatio-masters will always suck-tit for Brent Sutter, especially in his home barn, and it will continue for as long as the same dipshits in the WHL office remain in charge of Officials.

      Anyone who has watched the WHL for a few seasons has seen it dozens of times before.

      Rebels only broke the rules of hockey TWICE in that entire game??! REALLY?? What kind of differential f'ing calculus does that require?

      If I was Kisio in that game, I would have had a freakin' meltdown like Preston in Kelowna a few years back. I would have been throwin' pucks and bottles, and benches, and maybe even some of the lighter fans sitting behind the players bench. Give the guy a LOT of credit (I guess) for keeping his cool, bending over at the waist, and not groaning too loudly.

      Maddening though! Fair play? No chance! For what? So that F'n Crochowski can join Sutter for beers behind his family's barn on the farm on Sundays and play Deliverance with the director of WHL Officals and maybe the odd straw-hatted Med-Hatian?!

      Babenko was awesome again in this game, though! That is worth the price of admission!

      Zborosky was a bit more noticeable than he has been; but still a hockey player in hiding compared to what he could do.

      And still WAY too many guys on the Canes playing Matador Defence! RUN THE F'ERS OVER!! I would sure like to see somebody freakin' make Rebels #3 bleed. That guy is one of the biggest cheaters in the league and he gets a pass almost every time because he is on Brent Sutter's team.

      Tiradesaurus Rantus.

  3. ANYBODY who thinks that the officials have been calling these games fairly is an idiot. It started with the non-call when Spacek knocked the stick out of Bellerive's hands in game one, and it has just gotten worse from that moment on.

    Zablocki shouldn't have played another minute of game four after that BRUTAL hit, but instead Lawrence got mind-f'd by Sutter and Zablocki is patted on the back by coach Sutter for yet another incredibly dangerous and cowardly play.

    If Doerksen doesn't suspend Zablocki for the rest of this series for that reckless & brutal hit from behind, then he is so far up Sutter's rear end we should soon be seeing him coming out of Brent's crooked mouth.

    Still not convinced? Take a look at the end of the second period of game four. Polei puts his stick in the skates of Tyler Wong, sending him flying across the blue line, but, apparently, tripping is no longer a penalty when its the Rebels that are doing the tripping. F-YOU LAWRENCE & ADAIR! If you guys want to suck Sutter's little pepper, then get to the back of the line, right behind the Directors of WHL Officiating & Discipline!

  4. Anyone know what Anholt's $1000 fine bought him in Red Deer after game 3?

    One game for Zablocki is a joke! This series is 3 to 1 inf favor of the Canes if the WHL employed qualified officials.

    To be consistent with other similar reckless and brutal hits, Zablocki should have received a MINIMUM of six games for a hit that could have just as easily resulted in a broken neck.

    Despite playing in that game after the hit, I would not be surprized if Pouteau is out for Saturday, and he probably has a concussion.

    Nice to have weak minded fools in high places, hey Brent Sutter?

  5. hahahahahah What a bunch of whining little Lethbridge sucky faces. Man up and play some playoffs hockey. What a bunch of fairy dust premadona's. Yes that includes Wing Wong.

    1. Always nice to hear big words from Anonymous.

    2. How does that "playoffs hockey" by the the "fairy dust premadonas" lead by Wong suit you? You got your clubs shined up with your fairy dust yet? (You will be needing them Wednesday)

  6. Awesome game Saturday night in Lethbridge!

    Sunday's game is going to be so predictable.

    Sutter's Rebels are a hard working and now desperate team that have no right to be in this enviable position, but yet they will come out flying.

    In addition to the strong effort, in no uncertain terms, Sutter will prepare his players to go ahead and hack, slash, cross-check, charge, and board at every opportunity. He knows he can manipulate the refs with his spoiled-child antics and rather than see his scowl and hear his incessant whine, the refs will let many of the Rebel's infractions go (that they see), and they will feel compelled to even out the calls for him by starting to call only the retaliations.

    Sutter knows in the WORST case scenario, the refs call maybe eight penalties against his players. And if they did, then he likely got away with three times that many. Each call against the Rebels will make the refs more likely to call a marginal Hurricane infraction.

    The Canes must follow captain-Wong's "turn the other cheek" mentality in this game more than ever. The ONLY way to beat that plallus-slurper is to make him pay by scoring on those early powerplays. Play fast and fair. Repay the Rebels with strong, clean hits. Frustrate THEM and break THEIR spirit by NOT playing the Sutter game! (Easier said than done)

    Kisio MUST get Sutter-smarter. He cannot allow Sutter's protests to go unmatched. He needs to make sure he has his palms in the air and challenges the refs on EVERY one of those overlooked calls, and any weak make-up calls. He doesn't have to do it in a grotesque Sutter way, he just needs to show his objection.

    Sutter has seen that taking penalties has cost his team very little in this series, and so many blatant infractions by his players have not been called due to the number of them. IF the Canes PP is effective, it may get even worse. But since the Rebels have been unaffected by the Canes PP, if he can inflict some pain, smash the wrists of the goal-scorers, poke a few eyes out, cross-check & slash some calves after getting hit (Bobyk's cheat of choice), and get a few retaliation calls along the way, he knows he will break the Canes spirit and build momentum while doing so. He also knows its his team's best chance (i.e. Games 3 and 4)

    Every Cane needs to play the body, every shift.

    Watch your backs, lads; Zablocki-the-coward returneth! (Is he related to Sutter?)

    I can hardly wait to see if this Canes team can be one to make some history against that despicable man!

    1. EVERY playoff game against the Rebels provides another suspension candidate. Why is the WHL office never in his pockets?

  7. It has been this way in the past, is now and ever will be. Get used to it. Sutter has an ability to intimidate the on ice officials as well as the league brass. The same can be said for Kelowna, Vancouver and a couple of others. No official wants to see a temper tantrum so this is when you will see the even up calls. Sutter has made this into an "art" and nobody does it better. Lethbridge as a community owned team will ever get a fair shake because there is not an owner that the brass in Calgary has to deal with. This probably is why Bobyk was not suspended after game two for abusing an off ice official. He pretty much knocked over the attendant just so he can have his hissy-fit and slam the door. Total lack of class. The team should have sent in the video, but probably realizes that nothing would be done anyway.

  8. Sometimes I hear mention of a "camera" on the weekly Canes show, but have always just listened to the show recording. Is there such a thing as watching the show live? If so, where is the link to view the live show? (Thanks)

  9. Not easy to move on, just simple.
    Roll four lines. No lazy penalties. No retaliating. Run over Spacek, Hagel, & Zablocki every time they touch the puck. Let any of those three run around, and they will be more than happy to end your season.

    Not easy, just simple.