Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kisio Talks Second Round Series

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are now turning their attention to Medicine Hat as the team gets ready for their second round playoff series against their biggest rivals.

It's the first time since 1991 that these two Higwhay 3 rivals will be hooking up in the post-season, so it's expected to be a heavily watched series.

In fact, The WHL on SHAW announcing Wednesday afternoon it would be broadcasting the entire series, which begins on Friday, April 7th in Medicine Hat at 7: 300 pm MDT.

I had a chance to speak to Hurricanes Head Coach Brent Kisio the morning after the Game 7 victory over Red Deer and talked to him about the upcoming series with the Tigers.



  1. As expected and seen seven times previously this regular season, the Tigers came out flying and as a highly organized five man unit in every zone. The Canes more often resembled five one-man units in every zone. Surprisingly, this game could have been closer had the Canes buried a couple of their chances, but they never even tested Bullion once, and this one could have easily been 10-0 had the Tigers cashed in on a few more of their many Grade A scoring chances.

    Tigers played with their usual relentless speed and puck pressure and the biggest problem was that the Canes weren't ready and didn't get in their way.

    Maybe the Canes are still licking their wounds from Sutter's goons, because with only a few exceptions, they skated and moved the puck much too slowly, they gave the puck away frequently, they left opponents unwatched and unchecked in the D-zone, and completely opposite to the Tigers, they never went for the net hard in the O-zone, either with or without the puck.

    Franklin, Nagel, & Joseph were good, and their stats support them being the best of the bad. They competed the hardest and played like they were on the same team. Wong competed hard as always, but never had any help. As dominant as he was in game 7 of the previous series was as invisible as Vandervlis was in this game one. No speed. No physical presence. The same would apply to Estephan, Babenko, Zborosky, & Baer. Guys that are capable of so much did so little.

    I hope the team has another gear, otherwise it will be another weak 15 shots for and another 50 shots against tonight.

  2. What a difference in compete level in game 2 from the same guys that brought little to game 1.

    Awesome to send the residents of Deliverance home early! Bunch of Lemon Suckers! (Only fans I have ever witnessed to boo their home team)

    Congrats Canes! Nice bounceback!