Thursday, 29 October 2015

Canes Keep Winning, 5-2 Over Vancouver

It doesn't seem like anyone is able to stop the Cane Train these days.

The Lethrbidge Hurricanes won their 8th game in a row Wednesday night with a 5-2 victory in Vancouver. Riley Lindgren scored a pair for Lethbridge to lead the way. The game was featured on SHAW TV and after reading some things on Twitter after the game, a lot of people are saying watch out for the Hurricanes. "This team looks to be for real.".

The Canes set the pace in this game with three goals in the first period. Giorgio Estephan got things going at the 3:38 mark with his 4th of the season to make it 1-0 Canes. Less than two minutes later, Captain Tyler Wong scored his 14th of the year to put the visitors up 2-0. Just past the midway point in the period, Riley Lindgren scored his first of two on the night and his 7th of the year to make it 3-0 Lethbridge after 20 minutes of play.

In the second, the Giants got one of those back. Hayden Hopkins scored late in the period to cut the Hurricanes lead to 3-1 after 40 minutes.

In the third period, the Hurricanes sealed the deal. Riley Lindgren scored a power play goal just over a minute into the period for his second of the night and 8th of the season to make it a 4-1 lead in favour of Lethbridge. Cory Millette added another for the Hurricanes a few minutes later when he scored his second of the season. That made it 5-1 and before the end of the game the Giants managed to get one more when Alec Baer scored, but that's as close as they'd get in this game. The Hurricanes won 5-2.

The victory improves Lethbridge to 10-2 on the season. Vancouver did out shoot the Canes 34-22, but Skinner was more than solid between the pipes in this game. The Hurricanes went 1/3 on the power play and Vancouver 0/3.

The Hurricanes now get a much-deserved day off Thursday before playing in Kamloops Friday and Kelowna Saturday. The Blazers have only 4 wins in 12 games this season, so the Canes are hoping they can extend the streak Friday.

Also, the Hurricanes got some love from the CHL Wednesday. The Canes were given an honourable mention in the weekly rankings. That hasn't happened for ages. It's well-earned. You can see the rankings above.



  1. Not sure how 8-3-0-2 Wheat kings beat out 9-2 Hurricanes. Someone is looking at last years stats there I think. But awesome to see Canes on that list again in any form.

  2. Hey Peter, It all has to do with how the original rankings come out to start the season. It's quite a technical formula for figuring out which teams are on and which ones go off. One of those clubs would have to fall hard out of the top 10 for another team to take a spot. But I certainly see your point!

    1. OK I see. Thanks for the Heads up. Now I know more than I did when I got up this Morning ha ha

  3. How do they come up with the math that figures out the rankings? Is it wins, total points, winning percentage or goals for/against differential? Or a combination of all?
    Based on that premise (I am likely very wrong) then the top three teams Erie, Rouyan-Noranda, and Kitchener all have winning percentages of .824 or better, and at least 9 wins and 1 or fewer losses and a gf/ga of +19 or higher. However, the next 7 teams in the CHL's top ten have winning percentages of .808 or less and gf/ga of +16 or less (except for Brdn at +21.) All have at least 8 wins.
    Based on all those numbers and math......why are the Lethbridge Hurricanes not listed in the top ten (oh right honorable mention)? Canes stats....9-2-0-0 18pts, .818 winning percentage, +20 on the gf/ga. Ok I am biased, but it has been so long since the Canes have posted such numbers, it would have been nice to see them listed in the CHL's top ten.

    ...oh right and after last night's game (another win) their % increases.

  4. Wow what a difference a year makes. Went from wanting to sell the team and string up everyone involved, to wondering why we are not ranked in the TOP 10. To me the rankings do not mean a thing and if this team continues to play like they are but is never ranked who really cares. Congrats to the new coach for the drastic change with the team. The biggest thing I have noticed is the confidence they have with the puck. Last year was all get the puck out of our zone as quickly as possible. This year its control the puck and make plays coming out of our end. CONGRATS TO THE TEAM FOR THE GREAT START AND LETS KEEP IT GOING. THANKS FOR MAKING IT FUN TO WATCH THE GAMES AGAIN.

  5. Alright so I did a little digging at the CHL level about the whole ranking thing. This is pretty much it here. I'm told there is a combination of factors that go into these rankings. It's not an exact since. Basically it's nothing more than opinion poll of NHL scouts each week. The CHL tries to keep a balance among teams in all three leagues when it comes to which clubs make the list. I'm told once a team is on the list, it's tough to get them knocked off, unless they go on a big slide, but it does happen. Basically, if the Hurricanes keep playing like they are they will likely sneak into that top 10 at some point, but again it's NHL scouts who get polled and the rankings come from them. Hope that helps.

  6. Congrats to ALL team players and staff. VERY happy for the remaining few players that have seen both streaks!

    Great on ice player leadership (Wong), and so much effort and support around him. AWESOME!!

    I don't really care if the Canes ever make the CHL top 10 ranking. I love the streak, and two of the wins were against contenders. If they continue with their current work ethic and continue to get some bounces along the way to win the next two which will include Kelowna to make it 10 straight wins, I am pretty confident that they will make the next list that follows.

    So FUN!