Tuesday, 2 June 2015

WHL Commissioner Speaks About Canes Vote

I spoke with the Western Hockey League Commissioner Ron Robison Tuesday about the Hurricanes sharesholders vote to keep the club community-owned.

Robison says he respects the decision of shareholders as it's their decision, not the WHL's. He says it's time to move on and support this community Board going forward.

The entire interview with Robison about the vote and more is below:


  1. Evident the league will give the board a set amount of time to sort out the financial side of the team, if it can't be sorted out the league will step in. I have a feeling they will make a big splash on the head coach front. His comments regarding Anholt and excited upcoming is a bit of a giveaway. One can only hope.

  2. Not sure if Coach Kisio is the "big splash" the anonymous writer was referring to? It's not a big splash in my opinion. It's just an assistant coach looking to make it as a head coach.....only time will tell.

    I completely agree with the sentiment that the league won't hesitate to step in if the Hurricanes can't pay it's bills in the new season. They will step in, take control and put the team on the market "For Sale". The shareholders will have NO say in how that is accomplished.