Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hurricanes Beat Warriors 6-4

The Lethbridge Hurricanes earned a much-needed victory in Moose Jaw Tuesday night.

Tyler Wong scored a pair of goals to lead the way as the Canes downed the Warriors 6-4.

It was a very good first period for the visitors in this game. Wong opened the scoring with his first of two goals on the night at the 14:23 mark to give the Canes a 1-0 lead. Just over two minutes later, Wong struck again. That made it 2-0 for Lethbridge after 20 minutes of play.

In the second, former Hurricane Jaimen Yakubowski got Moose Jaw back in the game with a quick goal just 39 seconds into the period. That cut the lead to 2-1. The Hurricanes though got that back, thanks to a goal from Kord Pankewicz at the 9:14 mark. That put the Hurricanes ahead 3-1. The Hurricanes then notched a power play goal a few minutes later, courtesy of Kade Jensen. That put the Hurricanes in the driver's seat with a 4-1 lead. Before the end of the period though, Tanner Eberle scored for Moose Jaw to cut the Canes lead to 4-2 after 4-0 minutes.

In the third, Taylor Cooper scored the Canes just 24 seconds into the period of a power play. That put the visitors ahead 5-2. The scored stayed that way until the late stages of the period, when Moose Jaw scored a pair of quick goals to make for a very interesting finish. Jayden Halbgewachs beat Stuart Skinner at 14:49 and then a couple of minutes later, Brett Howden scored to make a 5-4 game. Moose Jaw pulled the goalie to try and even the score, but Carter Folk iced the game for Lethbridge into an empty net to give the Hurricanes a big 6-4 victory.

The win improves the Canes overall record to 7-20-2-3 on the season. Moose Jaw out shot the Canes 33-31. Lethbridge spend a considerable amount of time on the power play, going 2 for 9 on the night. The Warriors went 0/3.

It was a big win for the Canes, in what has been a tough season for the club. No doubt a confidence booster heading into their final game prior to the WHL's annual Christmas break. The Canes play in Regina Wednesday (Dec. 17). After this game, the Canes are off for 10 days and don't return to action until the 27th when they host rival Medicine Hat.



  1. Way to go Canes! Battle through adversity and show your best now! The 'team' may not be seeing much support but we are all behind the amazing individuals toughing it out on the ice.

  2. Wonder what Purcell has to say about 1) the victory, 2) the fact that Pat didn't have the report on his blog until the day after the victory. I thought he expected, or was it demanded immediate news from the team. And surely from his perspective there has to be something wrong with the victory... didn't win by enough, didn't make the media known that Skinner would start all 3 periods, didn't get all 3 stars of the game. Has to be something, right?

  3. Anon 14:05, you do know that Pat is no longer the PBP man for the team and he therefore has no obligation to post the game reports or anything else for that matter, right?

    The lads got the job done last night. Regina is pretty hot right now. We hope they can stay focused and do it again this evening.


  4. Purcell should worry about doing his own work after allowing his article on the Canes to go out with "Brad Paisley" under Doug"s picture. Really...................

    1. Purcell needs to look forward and stop casting blame that is literally irrelevant at this point. His Herald article was full of sarcasm, criticism and a touch of spite (for not being included in the loop by the Board?). Quite frankly, I'm not surprised they don't offer him a media release after the crap he writes…all of it after the fact.

      Time to move forward with the current regime. I've also been criticality the Board, Coach and GM in the past, but I more than willing to support the current staff.

      Great way to go into the Xmas break beating a very hot Pats team. Ivan inly imagine how good the players feel.

    2. Unfortunately, Dylan needs to sell papers. And in Lethbridge, casting the Hurricanes in a negative light does that for him. From what I have seen in the few weeks since the changes at the board level things in Canes land are going in a more positive direction, but that doesn't sell.

      I would love to know of any other business / corporation where "instant" information is provided. While this may be a community owned club, the shareholders put the directors in place to run the company. Considering that this particular change affected at least 2 families, I think that the board taking a bit of time to consider how they were going to communicate that message is reasonable. Dylan needs to stop trying to stir the pot.

      On the recent performance of the team, I agree, the players likely feel encouraged about heading home after what looked like two much improved performances. My hope is that the changes Anholt is implementing will show the players things are moving in a new and improved direction. Results aren't going to miraculously improve over night, but it is encouraging.

    3. I very much agree JHJ. My auto correct changed my last thought. It should've read: "I can only imagine how good the players feel" after the victories in Moose Jaw and Regina heading into the Xmas break.

      Those types of comebacks would not have occurred if the players were still unhappy with the coaching/GM. Anholt sounds like he will give the players more of the respect they deserve.