Sunday, 30 November 2014

Chiefs Down Hurricanes 2-1 in Spokane

The Lethbridge Hurricanes dropped into last place overall in the Western Hockey League standings with a 2-1 loss Saturday night in Spokane, WA.

It was a closer game than the night before in Tri-City.

Spokane opened the scoring in this game midway through the first period when Jacob Cardiff beat Stuart Skinner at the 11:31 mark to give the Chiefs a 1-0 lead after 20 minutes of play. That was the only goal in the first period.

In the second, the Chiefs added what would eventually become the game winner. Jordan Henderson scored early in the period at the 2:27 mark to make it 2-0 for the home team. That two goal lead held up right into the late stages of the third period. The Canes tried to get back onto even terms. They did break the Chiefs shutout bid with just 29 second left when Tyler Wong scored for the visitors. That cut the lead to 2-1, but that would be as close as Lethbridge managed to get on this night.

The loss dropped the Canes overall record to 6-17-3-1 on the season. The Hurricanes are tied with Saskatoon as both teams have 16 points each, but the Blades have one more victory which temporarily bumps Lethbridge to last spot in the WHL standings. Spokane out shot Lethbridge 39-26 on the night. The Hurricanes went 0/4 on the power play and Spokane 0/2.

The Canes next action is on the road Friday (Dec. 5) when they play the Broncos in Swift Current. They return home Saturday (Dec. 6) when they host Red Deer for their annual Teddy Bear & Toque Toss game.



  1. How many lives does a surgeon have to lose on the operating table before he/she decides to lay down the scalpel?

    How many buildings need to collapse before the architect uses his bumwad for a purpose more befitting?

    How many lawsuits do you need to lose before you decide you aren't a very good arguer?

    How many airplanes does one have to crash before your voluntarily turn in your wings?

    How many children does a teacher have to fail before deciding it may not be the children that are the slow learners?

    How many record setting losing seasons does it take for a junior hockey team's GM and Head Coach to question their undeserved confidence in their abilities?

    Gotta hand it to these two fellows for their persistence, though. If I sucked as miserably at my job as they have at theirs for the past couple of years, I can't imagine being able to show my face in public.

    How long is it going to take? You gave it your best, but enough is enough, already. Please find something else to do with your time. Do you REALLY want to be the ones responsible to end the Lethbridge Hurricanes? After last year and this year, with all of the changes you have made, how could either of you still possibly think that you will be successful?

    Money for Nothing

    1. It is difficult to perform surgery when you don't have the right equipment.
      Why do people lump BR and DB together? BR does what BR wants to do without consulting his coaching staff. Do you really believe that the coaching staff are okay with the direction BR is taking their team? Keep in mind that the current coaching staff has only been in Lethbridge for 15 months! The problems with this organization have been developing for over 6 years and the only constant is BR.... hmmmm.....