Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hurricanes Reassign Vandervlis

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced Thursday they have reassigned Center Ryan Vandervlis to the Red Deer Optimist Chiefs of the Alberta Midget AAA Hockey League.


Vandervlis, a native of Red Deer, played in one regular season game after playing all six games of the Hurricanes preseason. He scored one goal in the preseason in a 5-3 loss to the Calgary Hitmen on September 5th

The 6’2, 193 pound Centre played with the Minor Midget AAA Chiefs last season where he registered 26 points, including 14 goals, in 37 games.


The Hurricanes have 28 players on their roster with 17 forwards, 9 defencemen and 2 goalies. The team remains with 4 overagers – Nick Walters, Riley Sheen, Tyler Bell and Zane Jones who was acquired from the Everett Silvertips in exchange for a 4th round Bantam pick in 2015 on Wednesday.


  1. Strange move. They trade for a guy with size (Jones) and then they reassign a youngster with size who they should develop.
    Boggles the mind.


  2. Not a bad move, Vanderlis didn't even play Midget AAA last season and will do so this year, under the top Midget coach in Canada... the Canes still have too many rookies, he wouldn't have got much ice time anyways... and he will be the first guy they call if/when a few forwards get injured.

  3. Godbye robson, goodbye berehowsky goodbye losing its time to say goodbye

  4. When it was 4-0 Hitmen, I saw DB looking up woefully at the time clock and I couldn't help but think that he had the distinct look of a man that was wondering if he should update his resume with his most recent job(s) or maybe leave them off?

    The only guy that I know of that is as incapable of performing his job with any semblance of competence is disciplinarian Richard Doerksen from the WHL office (3 games for Wong for a hit to the head that was inconsequential; against the same opponent whose 3 goons went unpunished for the 3 hits from behind that caused Wong to miss nearly 20 games last year).

    And the GM and board of the Canes? How long will they be allowed to carry on? I can hardly wait for the "We're headed in the right direction" speech from Robson and whats-his-face the genetically superior seed pedlar (the seeds,...obviously, not the man).

    And the guy impersonating a WHL commissioner. When does he actually leave the throne of his ivory tower and lift a finger to raise this Titanic?

    How unlucky is the young man that must endure placement in the care of these absolute failures before someone with a brain (or even a heart) comes along to bring their nightmare to an end?

    Watt A. Bunchoasses

  5. Big words Watt. Why don't they get some one to come on and do an audit on the organization to see where all the gaps are. You can keep firing staff but if you don't get to the root of the problem nothing changes and this started over 5 years ago something needs to be evaluated. This is something that probably should have been done along time ago but it seems our board does not like to take accountability for anything.

  6. I guess you're our best option to run the WHL and the Hurricanes. I'm looking forward to the announcement Mr. Bunchoasses. You're the man!

  7. Anon 21:15. Finally someone with some common sense. We'll said.