Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hurricanes Acquires Zane Jones From Everett

The Lethbridge Hurricanes added size and skill to their roster with the acquisition of Zane Jones from the Everett Silvertips in exchange for a 4th round Bantam pick in 2015.

The 20 year old from Olds began his WHL career with the Victoria Royals then played for the Calgary Hitmen before being traded to Everett just prior to the WHL’s trade deadline last season.

At 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager, Brad Robson not only likes size, but his ability to score. “He’s an experienced WHL players that will add size to our left wing and he’ll complement our skilled guys. He’s a big, strong, power forward who also has playoff experience, and we expect him to be a 50 point guy with our team.”

Jones put up career best totals in goals, assists and points with Calgary in 2012-2013 when he registered 44 points (21G, 23A) in 69 games. In 192 career WHL games, Jones has 48 goals and 56 assists for 104 points to go along with a plus-11 plus/minus rating and 183 penalty minutes.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Likely a good move for the Canes, also means that one of the veteran 20's will need to be moved or released, stressful for those guys...

  2. I believe this could be a smart move. As Anon 12:10 stated though it is tough to see one of our other 20s go. We wish whoever it is the best of luck and hopefully a chance on winning team.

    - cc

  3. I love Sheen and we are lacking scoring, I also think we need experience and mentorship on the back end. Our current HC doesn’t seem to like small guys and that was one of his excuses for lack of success last season. So my bet would be Sheen is moved.
    Tough call.
    I do like this move as one of our 20’s will be trade bait at the deadline. Easily get a 4th or better back.
    Long Run

    1. Interesting comments within the Everett media:

      "Jones, a big forward with a powerful shot, ended up playing very few games for the Tips. He was acquired at last season's trade deadline in exchange for defenseman Micheal Zipp as Everett looked to add a big body who could score goals. However, he appeared in just 11 games because of injuries, tallying two goals and two assists. He then came back this season slimmed down and in great shape. He played in Everett's season-opening 1-0 victory at Seattle without scoring.

      One has to think this was nearly an identical situation to last year. Last season Everett also had four overagers for three roster spots, with the choice basically coming down to Manraj Hayer or Reid Petryk for the last spot. Both are quality players, but Petryk was the one traded because he's the one the Tips could get more for in a trade.

      This year the decision appeared to come down between Jones and Low, who again appeared to be similar in what they could provide to the team. Reading between the lines in the press release, it seems part of the reason general manager Garry Davidson decided to deal Jones is because he got the Tips more in return."

      I really hope that BR is of the same mindset? He needs to deal the 20 that is going to bring the most value to the team moving forward. As already stated above, this team is NOT going to make the playoffs anytime soon which means the paramount thinking must be to bring in the best possible assets that support the rebuilding future. It would be delusional thinking that keeping any one over the other to win now could even be a consideration in the decision making process? Very good opportunity to secure another piece of the future...this GM must make decisions based on the future, not the present!


    2. Agree with Jakes. You can't keep giving away future picks for older talent. We'll never get out of this predicament. Better to accept a tough season and get ice time and development for the younger players in hopes of long run returns.

  4. Those poor kids were getting ran over last year. Take a look at the top winning teams last year, size played a big part in that. Look at the LA kings, Tough, Huge. Size matters in Hockey you can have some smaller players but you better have big tough guys beside them.

  5. Doubt Sheen is going anywhere especially considering the on going struggle to score much needed goals. This team is not going to make the playoffs this season and will likely be only marginally better than last year's addition. (if at all) Think you have to be willing to part with whichever 20 that will yield the best return for assets that will be greatly needed during this rebuild later on? As for the players, no danger of being traded to a worse team, as there isn't one, so the now possibility of one of our twenties getting out would have to be exciting....who ever it is, good luck!


  6. Like the size and scoring, still a few teams without 20's set. Possibly a multi player deal on the horizon including Erkamps. Hopefully he helps protect the younger players and allows them to get some space.

  7. I bet Zane is thrilled with the prospect of coming to the worst team in the WHL. Some lucky overage on the Canes will get moved to a team that will be higher in the standings. Probably the player that would bring the most return (if there is a need from other teams) is Nick Walters.
    With the small forwards likely being our source of goals, Jones should play with either Wong or Skumatov to provide protection and make room for them on the ice.

    One thing that DB has been consistent with, is his concerns over the lack of size on this team. Until the scouts get the message to get size; no matter who the coach is, a lack of size will continue to plague this team.


  8. I don't think we could get anything for Walters or Bell. Probably have to just let one of them go. Sheen is not going anywhere!

  9. Your a genius. Bell gone lost a third rounDer and nothing.

    1. I agree that the only 20 with some real value is Sheen. But would it have been worth getting a 3rd or maybe 4th rounder for him and then losing the only real player in the first 2 games who create and real offense?
      Bell gone is a positive for the team as he created far to many offensive opportunities for the opposition.
      Now I just want to see the players play. 4 lines flowing and playing high intensity minutes, or better yet 30 - 45 second shifts 5on5, PP and PK. The young players need to play if they are going to develop, so let them play.

    2. Anon at 13:15. #1...Who is your comment directed at? #2... W.T.F. are you talking about? #3 ... Can you put that in English please?


    3. A 19:13 Bell gone.(referring to his crystal ball). A third rounder who may play the piano. = nothing.

  10. When is the league going to step in and put and end to the joke robson is producing. He thinks it is all about him time for him to step out another last place prediction and loss of more players!! Goirgio where/when?

  11. Are we rebuilding or selling the farm.Why not play all the high draft picks without pushing them too hard and hope for a couple wins. instead robson trades away for players other organizations have developed and I still see no future for the canes>period.