Monday, 11 August 2014

GM Brad Robson Talks Training Camp

As the Lethbridge Hurricanes inch closer to start of their 2014 WHL training camp, which happens to be starting a week earlier than usual this year, I took some time to have a coffee and sit and chat with General Manager Brad Robson.

The entire training camp interview is below. Robson and I cover a number of topics in this 7 minute interview. Camp opens August 21st with the Hurricanes first pre-season games set for August 29th and 30th in Regina.


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  1. I'm confused on how Robson sees this team having significant improvement. He sites that most of the kids have a full season behind them now. Is this not true of all teams in the WHL? We have young goal tending, kids that have difficulty taking a pass and visible smaller, weaker kids. Not sure what's change. He must be drinking the same koolaid as last year. He's just setting his coaches up for another year of doom and happy for them to take the fall. He should be ashamed. Get real!