Friday, 24 January 2014

Hurricanes Hammered 10-0 in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC - The Vancouver Giants scored and scored often as they hammered the struggling Lethbridge Hurricanes 10-0 Friday night at Pacific Coliseum.

The Lethbridge Hurricanes had to battle from behind in the opening period of this game. The Giants got on the score sheet first when Tyler Morrison's point shot hit the post, went off goalie Jonny Hogue and into the goal. That was a power play goal and gave the Giants a 1-0 lead. After 5 minutes later, the Giants would get another one. Travis McEvoy out the puck by Hogue to put the home team ahead 2-0 after 20 minutes of play. Vancouver out shot Lethbridge 11-6.

In the second, things got worse for the Canes. While on the power play, the Hurricanes got caught deep in the Giants zone and Vancouver came down the ice with a 3-on-1 shorthanded and scored when Dalton Sward made it it 3-0 for the Giants. They kept the offence coming. Just over two minutes later, Luca Leone snapped one past a screened Jonny Hogue to put Vancouver ahead 4-0. That was it for Hogue who surrendered 4 goals on 16 shots. Jarrod Schamerhorm came in relief and the Giants got to him too. Thomas Foster beat him with a nice shot to make it 5-0 Giants after 40 minutes of play. The shots favoured Vancouver 22-12.

In the third, the Giants scored two more in a span of 35 seconds and then added three more after that to hit double digits in this game. Dalton Sward and Jackson Houck both scored in that quick span. That made it 7-0 for Vancouver. The goals would continue coming. The Giants scored three straight on the power play on goals by Ty Ronning, Arvin Atwal, and Jackson Houck. That made it 10-0 and that's the way this ugly game would end. The Canes were out shot 40-18 in this game. Vancouver went a perfect 5/5 on the power play and Lethbridge 0/2. The loss drops the Canes overall record to 9-37-2-3 in 51 games this season.

Next Up

The Hurricanes will conclude this busy week with a game Saturday night (Jan. 25) when they take on the Western Hockey League's number one ranked team. The Kelowna Rockets already have two wins against the struggling Hurricanes this season.  The last time the Canes played in Kelowna back in October the Rockets fired 62 shots on the Lethbridge goal in what was an 6-0 victory. Game time Saturday is 8:00 pm MST. The pre-game show on CJOC at 7:30. The Hurricanes return home next Wednesday (Jan. 29) when they host Prince Albert.



  1. "We are getting better every game; the stats we keep show it."
    Not really evident, from my seat, Drake... which has an excellent view of the scoreboard.

    "We will be competitive every night."
    Uuuhhhhh lets see....10-0 - We were competitive enough to hold them to under a dozen.

    You came. You saw. You made some promises. You used words everyone wanted to hear like "culture," and "accountability," and you certainly had the look of a promising teacher, but it is hard to overlook the fact that you got rid of anybody that wasn't on the same page as you, yet you are still managing to stink up the place like NO other coach has in the history of this franchise.

    Robson has failed miserably in supplying and adjusting the roster, and Drake has failed miserably in all aspects of coaching, yet both seem content to take zero responsibility for their contribution to the year of complete and utter failure.

    It is quite a clever scheme to get some country bumpkins like the Hurricanes to sign you to a three year contract when you have never shown any ability to succeed in the role.

    And now what? What are they going to do for their encore? I doubt that the current roster will survive until the end of the season without at LEAST one more player opting to opt out.

    How are they going to sell any tickets next year?

    Next up: Kelowna Rockets.
    Freddy's Formula: W=(No) f/n wa/y

    Money for Nothing

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  3. It is extremely difficult to win when your goalies are at best back ups in on an average Jr. A team. My question would be what is our goalie coach doing the goalkeeping save for Sascher has be horrible this year. They do not seem to be getting better! Next question would be why did our GM not supply the team with at least adequate goalkeeping? He went for a goalie that Portland had sent home because he did not fit into their scheme when Medicine Hat had Wapple available at the same time. Wapple would have been an improvement over both Houge and Schamerhorn. No wonder the team does not want to play when they feel that every shot on goal has a chance to go in!

    A View from Above

    1. Im thinking the goaltending is closer to the bottom of the list of things needing to be adressed and possible reasons for uninspired players

    2. i believe that goaltending is the very least of the elements needing attention, Brad is in way over his head and Drake is not a WHL head coach yet...wonder if anyone has the guts to make some changes? Will be very interesting to see what the board has to say? Probably more sunshine and roses...wondering how long till more players call it a year?

    3. Listening to glen Healy on HNIC on CBC today he was talking about the Oiler problem which is analogous to the Canes problem and he stated " they need a goalie get a goalie and problem solved." If we had a goalie I am sure you would see the confidence and drive improve on the team. This team is afraid to do anything because the know the puck is in the net. When Sascher is in goal this is a completely different team.

      A View From Above

  4. Hope Wong gets to come back in the next week or so, think the team is really missing his effort and energy out there.