Sunday, 16 October 2011

Anderson Traded to Wheat Kings For Liston & Galbraith

With three goalies on the roster, Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager/Head Coach, Rich Preston, announced today the team has traded 19 year old Goalie Brandon Anderson as well as their 3rd and 6th round picks in the 2012 Bantam Draft to the Brandon Wheat Kings in exchange for Goalie Liam Liston and Defenceman Spencer Galbraith.

Anderson has a record of 2-3-0-and-1 this season where he’s allowed 23 goals in the 217 shots he’s faced. The Langley, BC native and draft pick of the Washington Capitals leaves the Canes with a 3.78 GAA and an .894 save percentage this season. Overall, Anderson has a 3.68 Goals Against and an .890 save percentage in his career.

The 18 year old Liston stands 6’2 and 195 pounds and has played 3 games for the Wheat Kings in 2011-2012 with a 2-1 record, a 4.77 GAA and an .864 save percentage. Over his career he’s 22-17-0-1 with a 3.83 save percentage. As for Galbraith, he’s a 5’10, 180 pound blueliner who’s yet to register a point this season. He’s a minus 3 plus/minus rating with 12 PIM’s.

Both players are expected to join the team sometime on Monday.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Trading Anderson is a good thing. It would be my guess that Kovacs will ge going back to either Midget or the AJHL for some seasoning. Would like to know where we stand with our draft choices now. Hopefully we still have a few left.

  2. The trades were certainly necessary to get some scoring and they certainly had to give up something to get something which at end of the day was Buonassi. The Goalie may be a good aquisition as well. We gave up a 3rd and 6th pick and got a 4th when all the trades were done we gave up one pick plus 3 veterans.
    However unless there is a coaching change of at least an assistant coach I am not sure this helps the team needs a change in philosphy and coaching style.....TD

  3. Liston is an average goaltender and Galbraith is a #6 defenseman. The picks should have gone the other way. To give the Anderson and 2 picks was too much for what they got back. Far too much for what returned.

  4. Trading Anderson improved the team. Liston comes to play every game for all 60 minutes something that was missing from Anderson.

  5. A Fans perspective of the trades.

    - Ryckman (19 year old) for a forth rounder 12 - (solid) gives us a good pick and allows Henry (17 year old) who played very solid (one of the only in the Swift game) time to play and develop.
    - Jackson (18 year old) for Nick. This gives us a 19 year old with .5 points per game. (Much needed) Good trade.
    - Anderson (19 year old) trade - Liston gives us an 18 year old goalie (with 2 years remaining) who I think will be backed up by Ketlo. Our young tender is not ready for the Whl. (period)
    - Spencer (18 year old) the dman gives us a Jackson type back (meaning same age as Jackson) and will hopefully be more durable.
    - 3rd and 6th round in 12 to Brandon - I am ok with the 6th for Spencer the 3rd is a little rich for a goalie to goalie trade (we do get an extra year with the goalie).

    I am also relieved that Johnston was not traded. If he has that good of a work ethic (as per Anderson’s comments on air) we need him to teach the youth.

    All in all a change was needed; this team has proved to us that the youth is much better than the vets. I am tired of paying for numerous seasons tickets and seeing poor effort on behalf of the vets.
    Rich and the scouting staff have done a great job of drafting, trading ect.
    Rich, you have to get these kids to leave it all on the ice game in and game out.

    Go luck to Ryckman, Anderson and Jackson.

  6. Trading players will make no difference to the play of this team. Must be demoralizing for the team to see what is happening with little hope in sight.....there needs to be a bigger change at the top and soon, before the team is completely decimated and the season lost, again.

  7. Pat,

    With all the tades that took place, do you know what draft picks we are left with in 2012?

  8. I believe the Hurricanes have a 1st, 2nd, and two 4th round picks in 2012. Those are the ones off the top of my head.

  9. If Pat is correct on the draft choices left we are not too bad off. Miss a third rounder but we have two fourth rounders. Drafting 15 yr olds is a crap shoot anyway an our fourth rounder can possibly turn out better than any third rounders.

    Good trades should help the team.