Monday, 19 September 2011

Hurricanes This Week

Welcome back to another season of Lethbridge Hurricanes hockey!

CJOC's coverage of the 2011-2012 WHL season begins tonight with our regular Monday night radio show, Hurricanes This Week. The program is going into it's 5th year and this season we will be on-location each Monday night at Average Joe's Sports Bar on 6th Street South. We're pretty excited to partnering with Average Joe's this year and welcome them to the broadcast. We'll be set up in the Joe's Garage part of the sports bar, so anyone who wants to come by each Monday and watch the show or send a question, you're more than welcome. Any emails can be sent to

Of course all our Hurricanes This Week shows will be available on the CJOC website and can also be downloaded from iTunes, usually the following day. We will once again be providing interviews with coaches and players, Hurricanes management, other play-by-play broadcasters from around the WHL, and analysis throughout the year. WHL Commissioner Ron Robison will be on the show later this year as well as some interviews with the new President of the Hurricanes, Don Clark. He'll been on the program in a couple of weeks.

Our first show begins with a season preview with the Hurricanes Media Roundtable. Dylan Purcell from the Lethbridge Herald and Paul Kingsmith from Global T.V. will join Fred Jack and I to kick things off. We're looking forward to providing our listeners with another season of Hurricanes hockey on CJOC. Fred and I will be on the air Saturday night in Medicine Hat to open the new season for the Hurricanes. The pre-game show will air at 7:00 pm (MDT) and the puck will drop shortly after 7:30 pm. Also this year, you can follow Fred on Twitter, as he'll be tweeting throughout the season. You can find him on Twitter at @FreddieJack643.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing from the panel about roster cuts that are expected, or about cuts that have already been made. Let the new season begin! - Richie.

  2. 7:10pm. I cannot STAND this BRUTAL 94.1 music any more!! Are you guys running this tonight, or not?

  3. The show runs from 6-7 pm each Monday. We will have the program up on our website Tuesday afternoon and people who missed the show can download it then. Sorry you missed it.

  4. I listened to the Round Table discussion. It was good to hear back on air!! (To Anonymous, get a satellite should always know it starts at 6pm if it is running. If it's not on at 6, it's not on at all).

    Will listen to it again before making comments cause I was at work and couldn't hear the whole thing. Podcasting it is a great idea Pat.