Friday, 26 August 2011

What's in a Logo?

As mentioned in my report from the Hurricanes Annual General Meeting, the hockey club will stick with the logo it unveiled on it's third jersey last season and adopt that design and colour scheme permanently starting this coming WHL season.

There's no question the Hurricanes have gone through a number of logos over their 25 year history, most of those in the last 10 to 12 years. I had a chance to sit down with Business Manager Jim Bradley to talk more about the new logo. The logo pictured below will be on the Hurricanes white away jerseys starting this fall.

Pat: Jim, why is it important that this organization pick a logo and stick with it. There've been a number of different ones over the last few years.

Bradley: "Logos since the beginning of organized sports, teams have had jerseys whether it be baseball or hockey. Team have had to identify themselves. This is a very important part for our marketing, is the uniform and/or logo needs to represent our brand and ultimately our organization." The logo below will be on the Hurricanes home red jerseys this season.

Pat: With all the different logos the Hurricanes have had over the years, why this one going forward?

Bradley: "Well, for me it's about finding the centre of the organization. We have to find out who we are and our logo and uniform need to have consistency. From a logo and jersey standpoint, it's a visual symbol of the brand."

Pat: Jim, what about this specific logo made you guys decide this was the look and design you the organization wanted?

Bradley: "Well, clearly everything in your logo and uniform needs to communicate and have a purpose, whether it be the shape of the logo, type set, graphic elements, or the colours. Lots of studies out there talk about the importance when it comes to the shape of a logo and that horizontal-type logos are better. There is obviously some heritage with this logo. We're drafting a little bit off of what the Capitals (Washington) have done, but some of this goes back to what the original Hurricanes had, with the stars on the jersey. That's a big part of the Hurricanes heritage. As for the colours, the red, white, and blue goes back with the Hurricanes as well. We're leaning on red as kind of our core-base colour. I think red just represents so much about excitement, energy, and passion."

Fans will be able to purchase merchandise this coming season with the Hurricanes new logo featured.


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  1. Love this logo. Great decision Hurricanes.
    Go Canes Go!!

  2. now I have to buy a new jersey... again!

  3. anonymous said now I have to buy a new jersey again. Hope it is the last one for you.

  4. I like the new design! And, I like thinking of Mr. Bradley.

    The only thing I am wondering (maybe Pat can help on this?), it states that the away jersey will be white-based, but it is a little vague if they have decided on the base for the home jersey although they are leaning toward the red-based.

    Does this mean the blue-based jersey is not being considered??

  5. Forgot to mention....I really like the shape of the letters on this logo. It's a sleeker look in my opinion.

  6. Love those hurrJcanes

  7. Terribly boring. A hurricane is an aggressive force of nature. I see anything but that here. You're using just a word? That's an easy way out.

  8. Awsome logo. Can't wait to get my Ovechkin jersey. Lethbridge Capitals right? Oh...sorry, just looks like you might have, you know, copied the Washington Capitals.

  9. Terrible. Why didn't they just rip off the Carolina Hurricanes, instead of the Washington Capitals? Or, think of something original?

  10. Boring logo, and when was the last time there was a Hurricane in Lethbridge.
    If they wanted to change the logo they maybe should have gone a whole new direction and changed the team name and used old color scheme to still have a tie to the past.

  11. ripping of NHL teams' logos is nothing new, but geez. this is straight up garbage. why not rip off Carolina Hurricanes'? it at least would make sense and you wouldn't have a random hockey stick in the middle of your name.