Monday, 27 June 2011

Hurricanes To Pick 12th in CHL Import Draft

The Lethbridge Hurricanes will have a high pick in Wednesday's Canadian Hockey League Import Draft.

The Canes' will pick 12th overall amongst the 60 teams. They also have the 72nd overall pick if they choose to use it. I spoke with Head Coach & General Manager Rich Preston about what the Hurricanes might be looking for.

Pat: What are you looking for with the 12th pick?

Preston: "The East goes first this year. Calgary will get the 3rd pick, so we're looking at getting a pretty good player at number 12. There are plenty of talks going on with agents and scouts to see what players are coming over here. We look at who got taken in the NHL draft and talk with NHL teams to see what players who were taken over the weekend are interested in come here to North America."

Pat: What do expect to do with Alex Kuvaev? Are you going to be bringing him back this fall?

Preston: "He wants to come back. He's switched agents (recently). He's an asset so we'll see what happens there. You never know what might happen, but the biggest thing is he wants to come back and we'll see how it goes."

Pat: With this 12th pick, what type of player are you hoping to get?

Preston: "Ideally Pat, we'd like to get a skilled forward that can play in our top six, but we'll see how that plays out too."

Pat: Is there a chance you might consider trying to move up a few spots in the draft?

Preston: "That is a possibility. I've talked about that the last couple of weeks with someone, so maybe that might work out too."


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