Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Canes' Looking For Sales & Marketing Coordinator

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are looking for the right person to join our sales and marketing team as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

Our organization is excited about entering our 25th Season as the Lethbridge Hurricanes. The ENMAX Centre is nearing completion of a $34 million dollar upgrade, including the installation of a state of the art video scoreboard. Head Coach and GM Rich Preston along with scouting and coaching staffs have been assembling some of the best prospects in Canadian Junior Hockey; the team made improvements from a year ago, and will make further improvements this year. Led by Assistant GM Brad Robson, one of the most respected and accomplished scouts in the world, the Hurricanes are stockpiled with blue chip prospects.

The business team is also going through a period of significant change. We are focused on brand building, long term strategic planning, disciplined selling and process mapping. Internally we have aligned skill sets and areas of interest and added sales and marketing capacity and competency. We are aggressively planning a yearlong celebration in our 25th season. We are very excited about the mix of products and services in our product portfolio for 2011/12.

Marketing as a functional area covers – advertising, promotion, selling and communication. This person will be an integral part of the planning, development and execution of sales and marketing plans. Each member of the sales and marketing team will contribute collaboratively, collectively and competitively, the business cycle will determine the timing and intensity of these functions.

Translation: As part of the Sales and Marketing team – the candidate will at times be pure marketing, pure selling, or pure execution…and at times doing all three. There will be opportunities to create, develop, sell and deliver products/services.

Organizationally we are committed to a positive and constructive workplace environment that keeps one eye on the future and one on the now! We will foster creativity, personal and professional development, humility and professional pride as we move the organization forward.

Primary Responsibilities of the Sales and Marketing Coordinator:

• Game Night Production – executing game night events – on-ice and in-seat promotions, intermission activities, development of game night PA and Game Scripts, coordination and management of game night staff. Expectation: Coordinate, direct and execute game night operations.

• Outbound Sales – aggressive and disciplined outbound sales activity. This is a combination of direct selling, email marketing, prospecting and event selling. Primary products are Tickets (the business cycle will determine what ‘category’ of tickets is the focus de jour). Marketing and advertising assets will also be sold as appropriate. Expectation: Plan and execute outbound sales activation levels in an effort to maintain and grow ticket sales.

• Product Development – through strong planning, customer feedback, gap analysis and regular creative sessions, the sales and marketing team will constantly be looking for new and better products that deliver value to customers and revenues to the organization.

Expectation: Be an integral part of the product development and new business process.
We want a person that is going to arrive at the office full of ideas, energy and passion. We are on the cusp of an extraordinary confluence of circumstances. The building will soon be a world class mid- size arena, the on ice product is poised for great things with our commitment to building through the draft and our business team is taking shape as a formidable Sales and Marketing team.

Finally, it is important to know that our organization will not sell on wins and losses, we will sell based on providing value to the customer. We will sell everyday based on strong conviction, passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, disciplined outbound metrics, strong product knowledge and belief! This ride is about to take off, it will be full of highs, some lows and a heck of a lot of adrenaline!

(From Ryan Ohashi, Hurricanes Manager of Communications and Events)


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