Monday, 12 December 2016

Red Hot Hurricanes Rolling

It really baffled me how many people were all over Hurricanes General Manager Peter Anholt over the last three to four weeks when he made a series of trades to shake up his team.

I've had several people ask me what is going on?  Why would the GM be trading away high-producing point players? Why is he destroying this team one person asked me? Some of the other comments I read from some fans on Facebook criticizing Anholt's decisions surprised me as well. Anholt came in here two seasons ago and turned around a sinking ship. The Canes had an incredible season last year after missing the playoffs for several seasons prior. That was Anholt's doing. Remember, it starts from the top and trickles on down.

This year, the Hurricanes got off to a rocky start. The team quite frankly was all over the map and didn't seem to have an identity. Anholt takes charge and made, what some people called a few suspect trades. However, no one seems to be all over Anholt now. WHY???? Well since those trades were made, the Hurricanes have become the hottest team in the Western Hockey League. They're 11-0-1-0 in their last 12 games and have moved to within five points of the Central Division-leading Medicine Hat. The Hurricanes trailed the Tigers by nearly 15 points a month ago. Now the Canes are knocking on the door for first in the Division. No one is criticizing Anholt now.

I spoke with Anholt the other day about a number of things and you can listen to that below.

Sometimes trades happen for reasons other than a lack of production on the ice. It's about making your team better both on and off the ice. Anyone who's watched the Canes play during this streak can see plain as day this is a whole different team. They are confident from front to back and are playing as a group. There are no individuals on this Hurricanes team right now.

People are so quick to shoot and ask questions later. That's why I didn't think the criticism of Anholt by some people was justified. Anholt, in his time in Lethbridge has done nothing but bring back the respectability to the Hurricanes as an organization on the ice. Its just an important to have that cohesiveness off the ice. They go hand-in-hand. Whatever the reasons for the trades Anholt made recently have seemed to bring this Lethbridge team back from a deep sleep, because the Cane Train is chugging down the track right now, full steam ahead!



  1. Well done, Pat!! I have been trying to figure out how to comment on all this Anholt bashing....but you said it far better than I could. While I, for one, was scratching my head about some of the trades, I know that Pete has forgotten more about running a team than I (and most of the other knuckleheads out there) will ever know. I believe that chemistry is every bit as important to a team as talent is. And, frankly, nipping this in the bud before it becomes a problem is the right approach. I hope we never revisit the Pilon/Duke situation ever again. I remain a Peter Anholt fan!!


  2. I agree with you, Pat. I for one am glad to see Anholt do what has to be done to preserve the integrity of the name on the jersey while ensuring that not just the team overall but every individual player is treated with respect and given a chance to play on a team where everyone is working towards the same goal.

    I say "Well done, Mr. Anholt".


  3. The GM- Peter Anholt is doing his job...the results show Go Canes #oneshiftatatime