Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hurricanes This Week

The latest edition of Hurricanes This Week is up for your listening pleasure, courtesy of

On the program this week, host Jordan Karst brings back former Hurricanes Board Member and Radio Colour Analyst Dick Gibson, Matt Battochio from Global Lethbridge, and Dylan Purcell (I think he still works in newspaper sports)

They recap recent Teddy Bear Toss, the Hurricanes recent hot streak, the upcoming schedule and the another blog from Joe McFarland (see I mentioned him this time) and I'll pop by for a quick interview with Canes forward Giorgio Estephan.



  1. Sorry, Tigers. Keep working on that streak.. It looks so good on you though!

    Canes, Riddle has been with the team since Oct-freaking-1st, nearly 2 and a half MONTHS and he is still pictured in a Raiders jersey. That is brutal team organization! If its not too much trouble, could you just pretend to do your jobs for 5 minutes and get a picture of the guy posted in a Hurricanes jersey.... this year?

    Jon Smart has been with the Pats for only 9 days and they have him updated as a Pat already.

    Rider Pride.

  2. It is even worse then that.

    Brennen Mennell - Traded 09/12 - Still Vancouver photo
    Tanner Nagel - Traded here 09/15 - still Portland photo
    Ryan Gilchrist - Traded 09/20 - still Seattle photo
    Brennan Riddle - Traded 10/01 - still PA photo
    Ty Prefontaine - Traded 10/28 - still Calgary photo
    Ryan Bowan - Traded 11/08 - still Moose Jaw photo
    Shaun Dosanjh - Traded 11/28 - still Blazers photo

    This is inexcusable! Every phone these days takes a photo. Throw a jersey on these guys and take a picture! Then actually take 5 minutes and put it on the website. Someone (or as few people) in the office need to get their act together.