Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rich Preston Growing Moustache for Movember

Men around the world are participating in “Mo-vember” and Lethbridge Hurricanes GM and Head Coach Rich Preston is also joining the cause.

Every year on the 1st of November, men from across Canada and around the world start with a clean-shaven face and for the rest of the month, they groom, trim and wax their way into the ‘stache of their choice raising funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

Preston who played professionally in the WHA and NHL was known for his neatly manicured moustache, so this is nothing new. Preston is challenging all Lethbridge fans, corporations and supporters to book their annual health check and contribute any way they can to this fundraising initiative. Preston says “the Hurricanes organization contributes economically, culturally and socially: we can leverage our place in the community to raise awareness and funds. Fans, season ticket holders, shareholders and sponsors can all benefit from annual health checks.”

Last year, more than $19 million was raised across Canada for Movember. To help Head Coach Rich Preston click on the following link http://ca.movember.com/mospace/ then click donate and type in Preston’s name to get to his donation page.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. monday nights show,best show ever pat hands down.

  2. Pat,

    I enjoyed the replay of the Monday night show. I am one of the Hurricane fans that should have turned off the radio (but didn't). Would Fred ever consider creating a post that specifically breaks down our current roster and expected future roster. Age, talent level, position, future expectations/role, specialties, style ect. It may give us Hurricanes fans a better perspective on where are team is and going. It may also answer some of Fred's questions. I felt the show stated the obvious in that our team is struggling with defensive zone breakdowns, giving up to many shots, breakouts and of course our 13 game losing streak. The panel spoke of Braes not being a first line center and is in the wrong position (Second line center). Then who is our first line center? If he is not on the roster where is he? Is it Duke? Or do we give up youth/draft picks/dmen to get one now? One member felt the 19 year old Moser is now developed as he has played in 14 games this season with 6 points and a minus 6 rating. Should we have kept him over a Watson or Leverton? The panel brought up some great questions but it left me wanting solutions or at least opinions of a solution. I enjoyed the show I just want more info. I don’t know if it is a conflict of interest for Fred to break down the roster?

  3. Hello 9:02. I think your suggestion to look forward to what next years and the 2013-14 roster may look like is an interesting proposition. We can take a shot at this later this month or over the Christmas Break. As you are aware lots goes into this, making potential roster breakdowns a real moving target such as transactions, player development, etc.

    For the record I wasn't part of the conversation that suggested Cam isn't a 1st line centre. There is no question in my mind, that he is this teams top centre. However, if I recall some panelists may have suggested that he is better suited to be a 2nd line centre on a high end team. Again, feel free to review the show but that was not a statement that I made.

    Everett has to be just what the Dr. ordered heading into tonight. They got clobbered 10-2 last night in Medicine Hat. (Shinkaruk, Etem, Bredo line combined for 15 points)

    Fred Jack

  4. Really enjoyed listening to the Monday night show. This organization is in a very tough spot with the situation that it has gotten itself in financially. Since the removing of Preston as GM/coach appears to be a very expensive action, maybe look at the cost of removing the associate/assistant coach like the Montreal Canadians just recently did and try to bring in someone with these strong defensive type coaching skills. (a possible candidate - Brian Maxwell or someone like him)

  5. To anonymous 11:08. That is an idea however with the assistant having a contract and depending on the terms left in it you may have to bring in your someone for nothing!!! There won't be any takers for that position.

  6. Fred,

    I know it is allot of work but we as Hurricanes fans will gain more knowledge. And of course it will be much appreciated. You where the first I heard giving a glowing evaluation of Ramsay (ahead of the curve). And he proved tonight how good and gritty he can be. I never meant to umbrella the groups opinion. My bad.

    Pat, Very ecstatic we got the monkey off of our back!!!

  7. Go get 'em Canes! The monkey's off your back. Take a deep breath and go play hard in Sask. and make it two in a row!!

    Cool shout-out by Cam Braes to the fans. There's some of us who will be here for the team and there's others who have already broke their ankles jumping off the wagon!