Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Canes This Week: Apr 17, 2017

The latest playoff edition of the Hurricanes This Week podcast is up.

Host Jordan Karst welcomes former Lethbridge Herald Sports Editor, Dylan Purcell and former Hurricanes Board Member and radio Colour Analyst Dick Gibson to the program.

Joe McFarland also stops by with another audio blog, while Jordan, Dylan, and Dick talk WHL playoffs and break down Tuesday's big Game 7 between the Hurricanes and Tigers in Medicine Hat.



  1. Both goalies would add to the quality of this game seven and to their team's chances at winning if they would stop trying to play other positions and stick to playing the position they were signed to play. Oh great! Now the Canes have the 2 goal lead that has been the curse of death. How are we ever going to win now??

    1. Wow Canes! Incredible! Tyler, YOU ARE Da MAN!

      That is screen-play material you are authoring here, lads!

      CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!! I am SO happy for this team! Now Quick! EVERYBODY into the Hyperbaric Chamber until Friday!!

      Since you have to be there anyway, why not make some more history, and go Steel another round!!