Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hurricanes This Week

The latest edition of the Hurricanes This Week podcast is ready.

This week, host Jordan Karst welcomes Hurricanes Head Coach Brent Kisio, Hurricanes board member Ryan Tunall and former Lethbridge Herald Sports Director Dylan Purcell.

I stop by with a player interview with Hurricanes overage forward Matt Alfaro and WHL Insider Gregg Drinnan joins the program from Kamloops.

Here's the show....enjoy!



  1. Hurricanes at Tigers Feb 11 -

    Could have been a good game, but not even four minutes in, imbecile official Kyle Scrivens gave the home team all the underserved momentum they needed to get rolling by calling Zane Franklin on a perfectly clean body check.

    The Canes barely made another body check after that for fear of taking more penalties.

    Nice Job Kyle Alexander Dumass Scrivens. Thanks for coming out and ruining what could have been an excellent game.

  2. That was the best game, by far, that I have witnessed this year. 'Canes played excellent, but just couldn't penetrate Tiger's defense, try as they may. Penalties were few and far between, so we can't blame the ref. Both goalies were great. It was just the Hat night.