Thursday, 31 March 2016

Medicine Hat Tigers Being Evicted From New Arena

The City of Medicine Hat provided notice to Tigers ownership today that without a permanent license agreement in place, the team is required to immediately vacate the Canalta Centre and restore any occupied space to its previous condition by April 7 at noon.

“We are disappointed that a fair and reasonable permanent license agreement has not yet been completed for use of the Canalta Centre,” said Mayor Ted Clugston. “The Tigers are part of the history and the fabric of our community. We want to see them make the Canalta Centre their home for many years to come.”

A temporary access agreement was put in place on August 21, 2015, to allow the Tigers to move into the Canalta Centre in time for the 2015-16 Western Hockey League season. The temporary access agreement was renewed 11 times over the course of the season, with the most recent agreement expiring March 24.

“City Council has an obligation to all City residents and taxpayers to manage the City’s assets and resources in a legally and financially responsible manner,” said Clugston. “We must look out for the best interests of all residents.”

In the absence of a long-term license, outfitting of the home team dressing room and other spaces dedicated for the home team was delayed.

SMG continues to be available to the Tigers to negotiate and finalize a long-term license agreement for use of the Canalta Centre. Once that agreement is reached, the Tigers will be welcomed back to the Canalta Centre and work can begin to outfit the team spaces.

(From City of Medicine Hat)


  1. Wow, no brainer CanAlta Centre, you need the Tigers there.

  2. I think the tigers owners have to evolve from the Dark ages and come to life or sell to owners who give a damn (whiners)

  3. Bottom line is the Tigers won't negotiate. They want the same sweetheart deal they had at the old building. Not going to happen.

  4. Time for new owners time to end the Dumb and dumber era. Goodbye Harry and Lloyd LMAO.

  5. Hope the greedy Masers go bankrupt and lose their shirt because of this. Can't stand greed.

  6. For the 'Canes fans info (and for those who haven't been up to the new building) - for the most part, the old Arena was a better venue to watch hockey. With the exception of the jumbotrons and video and the bathrooms, everything else at the new rink is more expensive and more a pain in the rear. Takes up to a 1/2 hour to actually MOVE, your vehicle from the Northeast lot, unless you leave with 5 minutes to go (sad, as we like cheering the stars of the game, from both teams). Food cost is up about 20%, single tickets now have the wonderful service charges (need, I guess, 'cause they have no shortage of Canalta employees during games). Up next (I'm sure), parking charges - and as the rink is in the industrial area, the parking can't spread out over residential streets like at the Arena. I went to Journey in LA - good concert, but your building is a dungeon, hasn't changed much since I saw KISS there in '78 (?) - but I would take it over the "new and improved" Canalta. And in terms of the Tigers, maybe it is time that the long-term owners get a little pushback. Medicine Hat will always support a WHL team - and it doesn't need to be the Tigers (i.e. someone should buy up a shaky financial team - is there one just to the west of Lethbridge? - and rebuild a hockey player and fan focused venture here...) Back to hockey - the 'canes rocked us through the year (excepting the last game) - and congrats on your team - if you do keep most of the core, you will be a force again next year! And at least you made the playoffs! :) BTW, the only thing really bad about the Hurricanes is the PA announcer calling a goal. Yikes - send him to the World Cup to do soccer, such histrionics aren't needed when a 17 year old pops one in... LOL. Anyways, great season - I hope the Tigs give a better fight next year.