Monday, 14 March 2016

Hurricanes This Week

The Hurricanes This Week podcast on 110% returns for the taping of show number three Monday night (Mar. 14).

Host Jordan Karst will feature some of the past and the present when it comes to broadcasting for the hockey club.

On the show Monday will be current Hurricanes Play-by-Play Voice Dustin Forbes. He's been with the team calling games for the past two seasons. Along with the current will be the past including myself, the former Play-by-Play Voice for the Canes from 2007-2013.  And along with Dustin and myself will be Dick Gibson. Dick has held many hats as part of the Hurricanes organization over the years. He did two stints as a Colour Analyst on radio, including when CJOC launched back in the 2007. Dick's also spent time on the Hurricanes Board of Directors over the years, did Public Address announcing for the club, and most recently has been helping out manning the home team's penalty box at Hurricanes games.

So a little past and present to talk about the Hurricanes as the team hosts a first round WHL playoff series for the first time in a long time. The post-season will kick off March 25 and 26 at the ENMAX, with their opponent yet to be determined.

The show will be available for download around 8:30 pm MDT from the podcast website:



  1. At the risk of beating a dead horse and/or being told to quit my whining, I just have to add my two cents on the playoff and season ticket package conversation.

    I am one of the many fans who are quite disgusted with the Hurricanes organization for coming up with such a disappointing plan for the playoffs this year. After six long years, the best they can do to thank the season ticket holders for their unwavering support and helping at least in part to help pay their wages while the financial world of the club was crumbling around them, is to slap them in the face.

    Want playoff tickets? They don't care that you have already paid for this year. If you want to sit in the seat you paid for in June of last year (simply to support the team as there was absolutely no way of knowing that the team would experience the success they have) then you must commit to spending an outrageous amount more for next year. Not in a position to financially commit to the increased prices? Too bad, so sad. Stand in line with the general public, pay full price for the playoff tickets and sit wherever they can find you a seat. They don't care about what you did for them.

    In the recorded interview posted here on Pat's blog, Mr. Huisman states that he is actually doing us a favor by allowing us to wait until June 1 to pay for our season tickets because last year we had to pay by April 18th. This is true but only because the team desperately needed the cash. The loyalty deadline since the last playoffs are as follows:

    2014-15 - June 21
    2013-14 - June 21
    2012-13 - June 2
    2011-12 – Unknown due to the “25% off until 2500 tickets sold” promotion
    2010-11 - May 31
    2009-10 – June 15

    So really, going back to June 1 is more like reverting to protocol after an untypically early requirement last year.

    The increase in season ticket pricing is also worth discussing. Let us compare the loyalty price for this current season and the new prices:

    Adult $488.70
    Senior $374.25
    Student $363.75
    Youth $167.25

    Adult $531.00
    Senior $423.00
    Student No longer available
    Youth $315.00

    Increase of:
    Adult $42.30
    Senior $48.50
    Student $167.25 (must buy adult ticket)
    Youth $147.75

    A typical family of four who spent $1311.90 for this current season will have to commit to $1692.00 to get their playoff tickets and season tickets for 16-17, an increase of 29%!

    Let me be perfectly clear here. I am over the moon about this team making the playoffs and I will pony up the ransom money to have my seat near my friends for the playoffs. I will cheer loud, support the fellows proudly and be there as I have for years as a long time season ticket holder. But for anyone to tell people who are upset about these changes that “if they don't like it, don't go” and to “quit whining”, you have either not supported the team as a season ticket holder through all these lean years or haven't actually seen the numbers and considered how many people this affects in this current economy. The whole situation reeks of greed instead of gratitude and it is impossible for Mr. Huisman to spin this situation as anything but just that.

    1. Wow, you are passionate about ticket prices!

      I would always love to pay less, but all things considered, 36 home games each season, win or lose, WHL hockey at the Enmax remains the best priced entertainment for my money in the city. If management decides that those are the numbers that are required to maintain ongoing viability of this train, then All Aboard (I think that I would share your views if it was a private owner that was increasing the prices that much).

      I am puzzled by the huge increase in Youth prices, and removal of Student category, though. Hopefully this puts us in line with the rest of the league, otherwise I would question those increases.

      It would be worth a 50% increase on 2016-2017 Season Tickets if the Canes took all 4 points away from the Tigers this weekend. Edmonton probably won't get another point this season. The Canes tenders will probably have to make 60 saves per night to take 4 points from the Tigers.

      Endangered Species

    2. I think you hit the nail on the head without knowing it. 25% decrease in 11-12 with next to $0 increases since then, and likely 0 thank-you's to the team for reducing prices at that point. A significant decrease in attendance (yes, largely due to poor product) since 11-12 means for poor revenue. Best team in the division now = market pricing can and should be used. Any sports team that succeeds uses market pricing and I think it is about time the Canes have an opportunity to take advantage of market pricing. I understand there are a thousand of you that have stuck this out and I am sure the team is very thankful, but the fact remains it is time to get things in line with market trends and there is no better time to do it than when the team is in 1st place. You can call it greed all you want... it is just simple, basic economics. This City proves year after year that ticket pricing is irrelevant to attendance. High prices, low prices, it doesnt matter... it is poorly attended every year if we want to get right down to it. Even with a few large crowds this year the team is still the 4th or 5th lowest attended team in the entire league.

      Juha for PM

    3. You are absolutely right....I, for one, am not all that upset about the increases. This team is, at the end of the day, a business, with a reasonable expectation of making a profit. "Market pricing", or whatever moniker we want to put on this situation, while poorly timed, is valid. What I think most long time season ticket holders are upset with is being held ransom, for your tickets, the ones you paid for last season, without a commitment from me for a future purchase.
      I don't believe that anyone is asking for anything free, just to be treated as a loyal fan, and not just a walking wallet.
      To be clear, I love junior hockey, I love this team, and I love seeing them in the playoffs. I bought my playoff tickets, I bought my 16/17 seasons tickets, and will probably continue to do so. But, in my humble opinion, having some much-waited for success does not justify this situation.
      And, yes, not matter what is said on this site, the long time shareholders, season ticket holders, and advertisers are the absolute backbone of this clubs success!!


  2. ANYWAY, Great Show Pat Keep it up.

  3. Red Deer Loses to Calgary so magic number is now 1 point for the division title.

  4. I think that poster's main complaints are the fact that one must commit to purchasing next season to buy playoff tickets this year as well as the size of the increase involved. All these points are valid as are those made by the respondents. While an increase is certainly expected and warranted the organization took it to extremes. And where as the majority of playoff bound teams are giving away the first two home games of the playoffs for free the Hurricanes are requiring future commitment to save a person's seat and a few dollars off the walk up prices. Also valid concerns. I am sure no one expects to get in for free. I think people just hoped to be able to buy their playoff tickets without all the additional hoopla.

    Go Canes Go

    1. Majority of playoff bound teams? Please show who is giving their tickets away. I am aware that Brandon is, and I think Calgary may be, but both of those teams are being displaced from their buildings so I assume the free tickets are because of that inconvenience.

    2. Someone posted this recently on WHLFans. They said it was based on the posted information at that time so not all teams are included and some may be in the playoffs now and some may be out. There may be others that have posted their playoff information since this original post but I certainly don't have time to check them all. These are the ones however that were on that list that were offering free tickets at that time. Take note of Brandon's offer.

      -Purchase a playoff package and renew for 2016-2017, get first two games of playoffs free
      -Season ticket price increasing to $475 for adults
      -Playoff packages for season tickets who do not immediately renew $4 off per playoff game

      -Home games for first round of playoffs included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      -First two home games of playoffs included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      -First two home games of playoffs included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      Red Deer
      -First two home games of playoffs included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      -First two home games of playoffs included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      Swift Current
      -Two free playoff tickets included with the 2015-2016 season tickets

      That is seven of the 16 playoff teams so almost half. There is nothing there about Calgary, MH (who still has a shot) and others so who knows how many all together. Again I don't think the original poster or anyone else thinks that the tickets have to be free but it is the combination of everything that is rubbing people the wrong way.

  5. I hope Pat's Streak of losing as PA Guy Changes Tonight ha ha