Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hurricanes Playoff Tickets

The Lethbridge Hurricanes have announced their playoff ticket packages for 2016.

There's been some negative chatter among fans about the playoff ticket packages and those being linked to the purchase of season tickets for next year.

I sat down with Hurricanes Business Manager Terry Huisman to discuss the playoff tickets. You can listen to the explanation below:

The Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club is excited to announce that 2016 WHL Playoff single game tickets will go on sale on Saturday, March 19th, 2016.

Tickets for the Hurricanes home games #1 and #2 will go on sale at 10:00 am for the general public. The 2016 WHL Playoffs are slated to begin on Friday, March 25th, 2016.

Individual game ticket prices are as follows:

Six Game playoff packages are still available for new and renewing season ticket holders for the 2015-2016 season. The Six Game playoff package guarantees your selected seat for all Hurricane home playoff games.

Individual tickets, 2015-2016 season tickets and playoff packages are available by visiting the ENMAX Centre Ticket Centre or by calling (403) 329-SEAT (7328).



  1. Get your tickets. This is going to be fun. If u think the tickets are a little pricey, think of all the money you have saved since 08. Lol

  2. We will be getting our tickets but the point is that huisman has decided to not only up the price of season tickets by almost 10% but also made receiving playoff prices on the seats some of us have paid full price for years contigent on agreeing to spend all that and then some in extra money next year. He says that no one was in the office the last time the team was in playoffs so maybe he should have picked up the phone and called someone who was. Because FYI the ticket centre has always done the tickets for the Hurricanes and in years past during the playoffs we didn't have to agree to anything for the upcoming season but just enjoy the perks of paying for the full previous season. Really Huisman nice try.


    1. Ya he's claiming there making it easier one stop shop but all there doing is trying to cash in on the hype and it's really not nice. I'll buy my tickets at the door thank you very much. PS I LOVED THE HURRICANES THIS WEEK SHOW GUYS CHECK IT OUT SERIOUSLY!!!

    2. I love this deal.. Last season I had to pay for my tickets by the middle of April, now I don't have to pay anything until after June 1st. Hey -cc maybe you and the Mrs. should do some research and you will see that even with the increase they are STILL cheaper than most!!! Man you guys just bitch for the sake of bitching. Just enjoy this team now and in the future..Or don't come!

      A view from above!

    3. So agreed Anonymous 14:57. 5 years ago season ticket prices were reduced 25% so reward the long term supporters. It cost the team a pile of money, no one said thanks, no more people came. Now 5 years later the price increases by 10% and all the complainers are out in full force. My hope is that the place is sold out before the bitchers get a chance to buy a ticket. Listen to it at home, where it will be quiet and your beer only costs $2.

      Juha for P.M.

  3. On a different note we wish the Hurricanes all the best in the playoffs. I hope the season goes on for a long, long time yet because let's face you lads deserve it. Go Canes!


  4. Disappointed to see no student pricing this year. Nice perk for all post secondary students was the discounted ticket price. The price difference between my seat this season and what I have to pay for next year is over $150! On a student budget, that is pretty big.
    I will be contemplating my renewal.

    ~U of L Student

  5. Geezuz U of L Student, don't complain whatever you do. Some people here don't like it one bit and will just tell you to stay home.


  6. So, you rollout playoff packages stipulating that to get your playoff seats you have to renew your season ticket package for next season, and we've increased the price of next season's tickets by 10%. At least you realized how greasy of a plan this was. Then, you spin it by saying that customers don't actually need to renew until June 1 which is six weeks later than last year. Wow....thanks! You're really doing me a solid! As someone who has purchased playoff tickets and season tickets for next year, I feel totally taken advantage of by the business manager. Your back peddling is impressive. This organization is in serious need of some basic business etiquette and public relations training. Next, you play "the poor us, we have to work with the city" card. Whatever! I do know that there are more than a few teams that use a 3rd party vendor for ticket sales, and I haven't seen any complaining about them. I'm sure the Enmax Centre people are happy to hear you throw them under the bus. All that's going to do is cause problems with the owners of the building and make life tougher for you.

    It shouldn't have been all this difficult. Why you couldn't have just rolled out the playoff packages like you have it setup now, with a modest increase in season ticket prices, like 3-5%. Lastly, you've had the playoff packages out for over a month now, and you're happy with 550 sold? No playoffs in 6 years and your only at 550. Playoff tickets should be flying out the door! I would have guessed you were around 2500 right now. I forgot, you started out by saying you can only get your playoff tickets if you renew for next year.....and btw...we jacked the price up in time when the economy is suffering. The BOD and business manager need to held accountable.


    PS - When is the marketing going to start to hype the playoffs

  7. Last season 2015-16 we had to purchase Loyalty season tickets early because (as the order form says)the deadline for ticket book printing is earlier. However, this year season tickets do not have to be paid for until June 1st. So obviously no printing issue. Last season's order form also stated: "First opportunity to purchase same seat for all playoff games". That has been tossed out in lieu of having to order 2016-17 season tickets to get playoff tickets for this season.
    There have been increases in season ticket prices unless you sit in the white section which there is no increase. But the real stab in the back is the "youth (3-12)" tickets. Example: In the Blue section (Loyalty) the price was $150 and the "student (13-17)" was $340. BUT...for 16-17 the youth has been revamped into a youth category (3-17. So now a child pays $297 which is a 98% increase, while a student pays $43 less.
    Just how many kids under 13 will be going in 16-17? Aren't the young kids the ones that drag their parents to the souvenier store for Hurricane items?
    I agree with Spinarama, only 550 sold and Huisman is happy with that?

    Milk 'em dry