Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Chat With GM Peter Anholt

I had a chance Tuesday to sit down with Hurricanes General Manager Peter Anholt to talk about his team's amazing performance so far this season as well as the upcoming WHL trade deadline.

You can here the interview in its entirety below:



  1. Great interview. Thanks Pat for keeping up with the Canes and providing people with a blog for opinions and comments.

  2. agreed..thanks pat for always keeping us up to date with everything..

  3. You folks are more than welcome. The blog is a labour of love so to speak. The Canes have been very good to me over the years and it's a pleasure to provide as much info and thoughts about the club as I can. Cheers, Pat

  4. Oh how the tone has changed, rightfully so. I wonder where PaSKUski and his band of haters are now? Haven't heard from them in weeks. Maybe the mortgage business is booming.