Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hurricanes Partnering For Ticket Promotion

The Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club announced today that the team has partnered with Spinzo Corporation to offer fans unique ticket promotions.
The Spinzo platform allows teams to run their own promotions where buyers are compelled to spread the word via social media and word of mouth, increasing ticket sales. The Lethbridge Hurricanes will leverage the technology for both public and private group ticket sales.

“With Spinzo’s technology, we can offer fans something different,” said Terry Huisman, GM of Business Operations with the Lethbridge Hurricanes. “The more buyers there are in a promotion, the less everyone pays. In an effort to push the price down for everyone, buyers urge their friends and colleagues to join as well. All participants pay the same final low price.”

Spinzo-powered promotions can be used for private group offers or broad public campaigns. In either case, it provides excellent value for teams and fans alike. “The Hurricanes can now launch offers where fans are continuously engaged,” explained Emmanuel Elmajian, CEO of four-year-old Spinzo. “Fans have the power to drop the price. With social media sharing and word of mouth, promotions have the potential to go viral.”

Elmajian added that clients are in complete control of offers, branding, and pricing. Teams can get as creative as they want, with logos, color schemes, and social media. A countdown clock stimulates urgency, and a real-time price meter keeps participants engaged to see what the price has dropped to at any time. Combined, these features are designed to drive ticket sales.

To kick off the promotions with a bang, the Hurricanes are offering an exclusive Season Ticket offer for all remaining 24 games. Fans are encouraged to join the promotion at then to spread the word to push the price down.

Everyone in the promotion will pay the final price. With enough committed buyers, the price could drop to as low as $326 for a 24 game adult ticket. Season Tickets come with many other benefits, including merchandise discounts, and pre-sale offers at certain Enmax Centre events.

(From Hurricanes Media Relations)


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