Thursday, 12 November 2015

Canes Make CHL Rankings

The Lethbridge Hurricanes have ranked 10th in this week's CHL rankings. 

It's the first time this has happened in a very long time. A few weeks ago the Canes were an honourable mention. Now they make the top 10. 

Well deserved!


  1. They Knocked off Brandon. He he he he he he he he. Sorry but that's Funny. Hopefully this weekend goes well and they stay up there. Either way club is MUCH improved

  2. Congratulations.This is much deserved and the team has earned this acknowledgement.


  3. The Canes have done VERY well this year, in my opinion, they do not belong on that list yet - Not until they beat Red Deer again, or Victoria, or Kelowna. Then, maybe.

    Watching the Regina game on WHL Live-

    REALLY REFs Lawrence and Williams and upstairs crew!?

    Learn your own rule book, WHL!

    You CLEARLY wave off a high stick right at the net.... no question, play goes on. This is NOT a reviewable play after the play carries on, according to your rule book. Play goes on... score.

    Then you CLEARLY indicate a Hurricane GOAL and NEITHER official made any indication that there was goaltender interference or that it was kicked in, or knocked in with a high stick, (and the Hurricane player was clearly pushed into the crease by the defender, anyway).

    THEN you have a conference and take five minutes to make the wrong decision! Too bad, if you rethink that it was knocked down with a high stick! - Too late. Both teams played on. This happens ALL the time and you don't reverse goals!!

    Just another amateur day in the WHL official!

    THEN NO announcement as to WHY it was waived off? WHY? Because you don't want to FURTHER embarrass yourself?

    You STINK, REF! Own your mistake, bush league!

    Dumbledore M Robison