Thursday, 25 June 2015

GM Anholt Ready For Import Draft

Lethbridge Hurricanes GM Peter Anholt is hoping to get it right with this year's CHL Import Draft.

It takes place Monday morning, June 29th. The Canes have two selections, the best being the 5th overall pick.

I had a chance to speak with General Manager Peter Anholt about the Import Draft to see which way he's leaning. He still doesn't know if he plans to use his second pick or not.


  1. "It's a crap shoot"......sounds like Peter is not all that thrilled with the whole Euro draft concept. He would be in complete agreement with Don Cherry who years ago stated, "no Euros!" Looking back at the Hurricanes recent history, the Euro draft has been a bust. Contacts are huge.....mind you the agents are self serving and have their clients interests first. Might as well bring in another North American player than a hit-and-miss Euro.
    No guarantees.


  2. The big clubs like Calgary and Edmonton use their parent club's scouts to scout for their Junior clubs. Not a very fair draft, but then again, those clubs are also allowed to have multimillion dollar payrolls to work with.