Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hurricanes Hire New Head Scout

The Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club announced Thursday that Rob MacLachlan has been hired as the team’s new Head Scout on a multi-year deal, while Todd Hassen has been named as Assistant Head Scout.

MacLachlan, a native of Moose Jaw, spent the last 14 years with the Warriors in a scouting capacity with the last 11 as the teams Head Scout. During his tenure with the Moose Jaw franchise, MacLachlan was instrumental in the drafting of players like Brayden Point, Morgan Rielly, and Travis Hamonic

MacLachlan, 57, says he’s looking forward to a fresh start, “I’m very excited. For me I think it was time for a change and I was hoping to go to a club that I can help to get back on track.”

“I think teams go through times where it takes a while to rebuild, I see Lethbridge on the right track with Peter being here and the changes he’s made already. My philosophy is to build from the back end out and I’m very excited to come in here and help out,added MacLachlan.

Hurricanes General Manager, Peter Anholt says, MacLachlan’sresume speaks for itself, “His experience in the league is as good as there is around the whole Western League. He’s been with the Moose Jaw Warriors the last 14 years and has shown that he has a really good eye for talent and has been able to project players as they move from the bantam level to the major junior level.”

“He’s been through a number of cycles and I think having that experience of going through cycles of players is so, so valuable,continued Anholt. “He’s got a good track record with the draft and he has a real good network of people that he’s developed over the years. It all points in the right direction for the Lethbridge Hurricanes.”

Todd Hassen, who has been with the Hurricanes for a number of years in a scouting capacity, has been named as the Assistant Head Scout under MacLachlan

He says it’s the right time for him to take on this new role, “At this point in my life, I’m very happy to be the Assistant Head Scout with Lethbridge and working with Rob and PeteI think it works out well for me, I’ve been involved for a few years now with the scouting department and it’s going to be real good working with Rob and I think we’ll make a good team together.”

(Hurricanes Media Relations)


  1. Well Rob MacLachlan has worked miracles for that powerhouse Moose Jaw team, so why not hire him???


  2. (What Budget Cuts?) - Only two weeks away from the June meeting to vote to sell the team (and/or equity share sale offering) and Anholt feels compelled to put another salary on the books and pull the trigger on a multi-year Head Scout deal.... AFTER the year's bantam draft? - I guess his contract was up and it had to be done??

    Moose Jaw has not exactly dominated the WHL nor fed the NHL with players for the 14 years that this guy has been making their bantam picks.

    Not exactly 14 years of picking Mem-cup contending rosters for Moose Jaw, but then again, GM and coaching roles play such a huge factor. Moose Jaw certainly had more routine playoff appearances in that time period than the Canes did. Curious timing, though.

    Ed Moore-Dett