Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hockey Hounds Donate $90,300

The Lethbridge Hockey Hounds once again contributed the Lethbridge Hurricanes Education Fund donating a whopping $90,300. The money raised from the 50/50 draws throughout the season is even dispersed to each game winning ticket and the Education Fund. 

The Lethbridge Hockey Hounds have been proud supporters of hockey in Lethbridge for more than 40 years. Since their inception in 1971, the Hockey Hounds have had four main objectives that includes contributing to the WHL Players Education Fund. 

Hurricanes General Manager of Business Operations, Terry Huisman, says that the contributions made by the Hockey Hounds every year is a key to help players advance, “We want to thank the Hockey Hounds for the hard work they do. Education is very important to, not only the league, but also the Lethbridge Hurricanes and it helps the players attain their goals of education after hockey.”

Since they began contributing, the Hockey Hounds have donated more than one-million dollars.

(Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Without exception the Hockey's Hounds year after year are tireless supporters both in time and financially to the Hurricanes And other groups. they should be given a medal.

  2. We concur with Anon 17:04. Medals all around for some of the best gentlemen hockey has seen. We are very fortunate to have them in our city.