Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hurricanes Holding Public Info Session

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced today that the hockey club will be holding an informational and progress update on Monday, March 30th at 7:00pm in the Canadian Western Bank Lounge at the ENMAX Centre.

The Hurricanes Board of Directors and committee will be providing an update on the state of the organization.

The information session will be open to the public.


  1. Big surprise....avoiding the shareholder mid season meeting and thus appealing to the general public in order to keep ownership of the franchise.
    Looks like the current season ticket holders are being asked to help with the payroll. (Due to the very early pay for your tickets date).


  2. Actually the mid season meeting was always been an information meeting of the shareholders. No voting items were ever on the agenda. The surprise is that they have opened it up to the public. Under the bylaws they are only required to hold one meeting a year (AGM) for shareholders only. This meet is a courtesy. You are possibly half right on the latter comment. As this is an information meeting there should be no motions to vote on.

  3. Glad to see it is open to everyone. I hear season ticket renewals are going pretty good, so clearly people are ready to support what is going on. I am sure the team can use those funds but the renewal date is the same every year, just as the season ends. JST, I dont think this is any tactic here, other than to provide what many season ticket holders likely ask for. Let's see how Monday night goes, then you can form your opinion.

  4. Anon 10:00 let me correct you with the renewal date being the same every year comment. I have been a season ticket holder for the past 9 seasons and up until this year, the renewal date for loyalty season ticket holders has been much later. I paid for my season tickets in mid June last year a day before the loyalty renewal deadline. I checked my bank statement to verify that fact. April 18th is by far the earliest date ever for renewing. Yes the notice for season tickets comes out at this time......but the deadline for renewal has been much later.

    There has never been voting at a mid-season shareholder meeting, just information. However, WHL commissioner Ron Robison stated back in January that he wanted the shareholders to vote on the status of the club in February. That request by the commissioner has been ignored by the board. As for the reason why? That could be explained on March 30th.


  5. Good comments RJS, interesting that the board has put the legal operation of the club ahead of the WHL supposed demands. While the WHL owns the franchise they can not tell a private owner or a community based operation what to do. The best they can do is threaten to pull it or actually pull it and move it somewhere if it is private. That is no where in site as if they did this what is their hope to have another franchise return. A private owner is easier to convince than 1200 or so shareholders. Looking forward to this information session. My guess is that the Dub is marking time until enough shareholders put on the mutiny and then they can ride in and save the day. Don't see Captain Blythe on the horizon