Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kootenay ICE 4 Lethbridge Hurricanes 2

Sam Reinhart showed everyone why he's one of the best players in the Canadian Hockey League and a second overall NHL draft pick.

The Kootenay Captain scored once and added two assists as the ICE doubled up the Lethbridge Hurricanes 4-2 Saturday night at the ENMAX Centre. The loss was the Canes 6th in a row.

The visitors opened the scoring in this game when Zak Zborosky beat Canes goalie Zac Robidoux at the 14:59 mark of the first period to give Kootenay a 1-0 lead through 20 minutes of play. Robidoux made his 7th straight start in goal for the Hurricanes. Stuart Skinner returned from the U-17's earlier in the week, but he has an undisclosed injury and was scratched against the ICE Saturday night. No word on how long he will out of the Canes line-up.

In the second, the Hurricanes evened things up when Captain Jamal Watson was sprung free on a breakaway. He beat Wyatt Hoflin for his 9th goal of the season to tie the game at 1-1. After that it was all Kootenay. The ICE regained a one goal lead 3 minutes later when Sam Reinhart scored to make it 2-1. Just past the midway point in the period, Kootenay made it a 3-1 lead on a power play, thanks to a goal from Luke Philp. Before the buzzer sounded, the ICE would get one more, this time off the stick of River Beattie in the final minute of the period to put the visitors ahead 4-1 through 40 minutes of play. The shots favoured Kootenay 27-9 at that point in the game.

In the third, the score remained at 4-1 until the late stages when the Hurricanes scored a power play goal courtesy of Tyler Wong. That was his 7th of the season and cut the lead to 4-2. That would be as close as Lethbridge got in this game. The final shots were 39-22 ICE. The Hurricanes went 1/2 on the power play and the ICE 1/3. The loss dropped the Hurricanes overall record to 5-12-3-1 in 21 games this season.

The next month leading up to the WHL Christmas break is going to be critical for the Hurricanes. They remain 6 points back on Moose Jaw for 8th place in the Eastern Conference. The Canes must get some wins and make up points if they want to make a push. If they can't, then GM Brad Robson will likely be forced to make some trades prior to the deadline on January10th. The key for me though is the next four weeks. That will more than likely be the determining factor as to whether this team sells before the deadline or adds a few pieces to try and make a run for at least the final spot in the East. There is plenty of work for this team between now and the third week of December, but the time for this team to win is now. That's why head-to-head games against team like the Warriors, ICE, and Raiders are so important coming up next weekend.

The Hurricanes have a busy weekend coming up with three games in three nights. They travel to Cranbrook Friday (Nov. 21) and then it's back home for a pair of games Saturday (Nov. 22) vs. Moose Jaw and Sunday afternoon (Nov. 23) against the Prince Albert Raiders. That is a 4:00 pm MST start time vs. P.A.



  1. I wouldn't be in favour of Robson adding any "pieces" to try and grab the 8th playoff spot. If it's obvious they aren't going to make the playoffs, then I'm sure we'll see Robson trade Sheen and possibly Watson (and maybe a 19 year old defenceman). What he gets in return will be little to nothing based on Robson's track record on past trades.

    Canes outshot 74-42 over the weekend (Red Deer and Kootenay). While the team isn't getting blown out (at least on home ice) this year, I'm not so sure this is a competitive team. I'd have to see puck possession time or zone possession times to be sure, but shots like this is a big part of the story. Especially considering the Canes were disciplined and only took 5 penalties all weekend.

    A moot point for me is that the Canes played the night before the Ice game in Red Deer as Kootenay also played the night before beating the Hitmen 7-6 in OT.

    Where is Carter Folk?? Haven't seen him in lineup for 3 games.....


  2. The only "pieces" that Robson should add is scoring. But none of the teams ahead of them are going to give up scoring. This team does not have a scoring punch. They certainly do not have a "game breaker". Just look what Reinhart and Bozon mean to Kootenay. They have already made a huge impact. Canes do no have any impact players. Looking at the scoring race, the top goal scorer & points player for the Canes is Jones at 10-6. He is in 72nd place. Brandon has 8 players ahead of him, Medicine Hat 5, Kelowna and Everett 4 each. (current division leaders).

    Plus as LaRon says, Robson's track record for deals is abysmal at best. Sheen won't get a lot of interest, he is an overage who has not provided the offense he was counted on for, plus he takes a lot of foolish/ill-timed penalties. Watson has speed but only in one direction. His back-checking has lacked.
    Canes' discipline has improved as has their penalty kill, but with no power play threat, the solid PK only keeps the scores close.

    Trouble is: Losing team = low attendance = lower revenues = money will run out. How long before the league says, "that's it".

    Carter Folk is injured. (I think)

    (I have given up on the cheerleader thing, as it has fallen on deaf ears. Speaking of deaf ears, it is me, or is the volume for everything at the Enmax during the games been cranked up to unbearable levels?)

  3. I haven't been to a game in two years RJS, but two years ago I found the noise in between whistles (not to mention periods) was deafening. I couldn't have a conversation with the person next to me without someone or something blaring over the loudspeaker. The guy running around with the hand-held mic was REALLY loud (and in my opinion, pointless).

    All these bells and whistles are distracting from the game. I don't go to a game to see all these distractions. I have to go to the concourse area just to get away from all the noise in between periods and to talk to the people who sit around me. That doesn't seem right.

    Are the distractions meant to distract from the product on the ice??


  4. LaRon. Have you ever been out of the city limits to witness a Hockey Game? I think not because the music is 10 times louder And the excitement from the crowd gives players energy. This is called change, what the organization should have done 5 years ago. I know it's hard for people to except change here in Lethbridge but its about time. Bring on the noise canes lets rock this building!!

  5. You haven't been to a game in two years? And you are complaining. I am a Season Ticket Holder and happy to have these changes. Love that the music is loud this makes it an exciting place to be at not some boring room. Who doesn't enjoy a party. LaRon you need to get out from under the rock you live under. You do realize this is a Hockey game and not a Library.

  6. My Dad is 87 years old and is completely in disagreement with both the last two posters (anonymous of course). The only thing the loud music and yelling into the mic does is make it so he can't talk to the people directly next to him. I may not have been to a game for two years, but he's been a season ticket holder since Bryan Trottier played in 1974 so I'm going to give his opinion a bit more weight than yours. Your opinion is great, but I'm agreeing with my Dad. The music is WAY too loud. I don't care about other rinks. (It also doesn't change the product on the ice).

    (Put a name to your posts or stop posting).

  7. Im sure the Canes are thinking about ways to attract more 87 year old fans!!! Ridiculous!!! This is exactly what is wrong with this city. No one likes change.

    1. People go to hockey games to watch the game and cheer for their team not to visit with your friends .There are many opportunities throughout the game when there is no noise ,use this time to talk to your friends .All arenas are loud [ I've been to games in Chicago ] now that is loud . Please let the rest of the fans enjoy the game. By the way I'm only 86 years old but feel like I'm only 85 .

    2. Right Kirk, we have to cater to the short attention-spanned kids 30 and under right??? Dancing girls, blaring music, phones out to text and take selfies. Heaven forbid anyone have a hockey conversation while at a hockey game!

      You and Anonymous can stick your head back in the sand. It's obvious your not old enough to hold this conversation.


    3. Anonymous.........there's more money with older fans than with younger. Check out where the wealth in this country lies. It ain't with 20 year-olds!

      Maybe my Dad should just forget about his 6 season's tickets (which he gives 5 away). Maybe you'll anit-up for them next year Kirk???