Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bryan Maxwell Joins Coaching Staff

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are pleased to announce the hiring of Bryan Maxwell as Assistant Coach, joining Head Coach Drake Berehowsky and Mike Craig behind the bench.
“I really appreciate the opportunity to start coaching again” commented Maxwell. “I really enjoyed coaching and making a difference with the players and I feel it’s been kind of wasted lately not being able to help in the area, but I’m so excited to help turn this thing around and help get us going in the right direction.” 

Maxwell spent more than a dozen years coaching in the WHL, being named WHL Coach of the Year with Spokane in the 1991-92 season. He coached the Hurricanes for six years from 1995-96 to 2002-03. During his time in Lethbridge, Maxwell compiled a record of 397-382-69and he’s thrilled to be getting back to what he says he was meant to do. “I’m really looking forward to working with the defense, so I don’t feel it’s a challenge, I feel it’s what I know and it’s what I was supposed to do.

General Manager Brad Robson couldn’t be happier to have Maxwell back with the club. “Bryan gives us lots of coaching experience, his expertise has always been well known for schooling and putting defensemen in the NHL and pro levels over the years. Bryan’s leadership and coaching ability will improve our hockey club defensively and working with the penalty kill will also help our club moving forward.” Robson went on to say “with Bryan’s hiring and the recent hiring of Peter (Anholt), both men give us lots of experience in coaching and more importantly mentorship for everyone on and off the ice.”

Head Coach Drake Berehowsky echoes Robson’s comments saying “Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge to our hockey club. He’s coached kids at this level and winning starts with a strong defense.”

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Anholt and Maxwell should be two solid additions to the Canes for the upcoming season! Hopefully these two can be instrumental in creating identity and culture within the franchise. Hopefully Maxwell can get up to speed as the game has changed significantly since he last coached, (2005) in 802 career games that he has coached in the WHL (Med Hat, Spokane and Lethbridge has was able to compile a .511 winning percentage over 12 WHL seasons and 802 games coached, he was also previously fired from the Lethbridge franchise twice, 1995/96 and 2002/03 seasons. At a distance, the hiring of Anholt and Maxwell should enhance both Robson and Berehowski if they are open to these voices of experience? Overall the ground beneath this franchise is more solid today than it was on March 16th this year!


  2. LBJ, no one can question the past successes of Maxwell. But like you I am concerned with how much the game has changed and can Maxwell adapt to the "new game". Long gone are the days of hard, tough physical hockey. Mind you the d-men on the Canes could learn to be more physical. Will Bryan and Drake be able to co-exist as both are alpha males? I hope it works, because this club needs some indication of success. I just wonder if the hiring of Anholt and Maxwell are both insurance pieces in case the club stumbles out of the gate again and there has to be a change with the leadership.
    As for the ground beneath, a swamp is still a swamp until it is drained.


  3. Interesting hire.

    Dump'n Chase

  4. RJS, I would just be happy if the team could at least find some sort of defensive posture and some of the young dmen could be taught to at least play in our end of the rink?

  5. I think overall this was a smart move. Maxwell is well-liked in the community and that should help what is currently dreadful season ticket sales. While adapting to the "new WHL game" will take some time I have no doubt in my mind that the players will likely learn a lot more from Maxwell than they would from Berehowsky. As suggested above, the big question is whether or not Maxwell is going to be able to work under Berehowsky. I think the first time Berehowsky tries to defend his ridiculous "systems" Maxwell won't hesitate to stand up and tell him just how ridiculous they are. I hope some of these guys view working with Anholt and Maxwell as an opportunity and open their minds while tossing their egos aside to actually learn something.


  6. Great story! Not sure if you're aware, but CTV Lethbridge has the exact same post on their Facebook page, with no credit given.

  7. That's not his record. Maxwell's record in Lethbridge in the regular season was 155-171-33-11 (give or take a 2-0-1 run by Mike Dyck). The Hurricanes won one playoff game after the MemCup run in 1997, a run which saw Parry Shockey coach the team. They went 1-20 in the playoffs after that.

    If you're looking at positives, however, the "Can Maxie be an assistant" question is moot, since he was a well regarded NHL assistant coach and knows how the chain of command works. Maxwell's no backstabber.

    He's also good at connecting with players and shooing away the kids that don't or won't want to compete.

    My two cents? If he's here to work with the existing coaches, it's a great hire, a veteran hand to guide them and support them. Support's a big word in Hurricaneland right now. For me, anyway...

    And, Maxie won't croak on an on about systems, he'll give you the straight shit after a game. I like that. All that 'systems' hogwash is bo-ring.

    And for the board-haters out there, remember that while they might win a PR battle with Rich Sutter (see four years ago), they won't win one against Bryan Maxwell. Should there actually be interference at that level and Maxwell decides to speak out, there will be no way to spin it.
    Bryan Maxwell is many, many things, but a liar? Not a chance.
    -- Dylan

  8. For a coach that physically and verbally abused his players for years, ( including referee's ) I am not sure this is a great hire. I do give him credit as a extremely smart defenseman will amazing skill.