Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lethbridge Library Partners WIth Local Sports Teams

Taking a huge step forward towards its initiative of ‘fitting a community into a Library’, Lethbridge Public Library CEO, Tony Vanden Heuvel announced today a partnership with 4 major sports teams in the City – the Lethbridge Bulls, University of Lethbridge Pronghorn Athletics, Lethbridge College Kodiaks and Lethbridge Hurricanes- which will offer Library card holders the chance to score tickets to a game!

Tony says: “the Library has been topping up its fun quotient as part of the Library experience for several years – Blockbusters, TopReads, eBooks, eMagazines (Zinio), The Word On The Street, Banff Mountain Film Festival, family parties, but today’s initiative creates new and exciting liaisons with community partners and the step into recreational fun is an unprecedented move for the Library. As the Library has been taking its ‘red chair’ to City venues for conversations, we have found that people enjoy the chance to meet with us outside our doors; they have expressed appreciation that the Library offers ‘experiences’, programs and a Library card with amazing benefits.”

He noted that since the Library is about Connecting You to Ideas offering the chance to ‘check out’ tickets to a sports game encourages individuals to support their local sports teams and to connect with Library resources for aspects about the game as well – books and DVDs on hockey, baseball, basketball and more. It may also provide the opportunity to explore future activities between the teams and the Library.

Tickets are currently available at the Library for Lethbridge Bulls Games as the season is now underway. "The Lethbridge Bulls are very excited to be a part of this new initiative and to be forming ties with the Hurricanes, Pronghorns and Kodiaks, as well as the Lethbridge Public Library. We look forward to seeing the growth and development of this program in the future" says Georgi Ellis of the Lethbridge Bulls.

As the season approaches tickets will also be available for the U of L Pronghorns games. “We’re always looking to enhance our partnerships in the local community and this initiative with the Lethbridge Public Library is a perfect opportunity to do just that. We’re excited that thousands of Library members across the region will have an opportunity to attend more than 50 Pronghorn home events this season,” said Robb Engen, Business Development Manager for Pronghorn Athletics.

Watch for Hurricanes’ tickets in the fall: “The Lethbridge Hurricanes are excited to partner with the Lethbridge Public Library in this new initiative. The opportunity for patrons to enjoy the library as well as some other activities in the community is not just a unique experience; it’s something that is fun for the whole family” says Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Communications and PR Manager.

Lethbridge College Coach, Avery Harrison, says “"The Kodiaks are extremely excited to team up with the Lethbridge Public Library and offer game tickets to Library members. Being a part of the community is very important to us, and we look forward to opportunities in the future where we can collaborate and partner in other areas."

This initiative also extends to Chinook Arch Regional Library card holders who will be able to access tickets through Lethbridge Public Library. Robin Hepher, Associate Director, Chinook Arch Regional Library System noted, “Like libraries, sporting events play an important role in bringing the community together. Chinook Arch Regional Library System is pleased to be working with the Lethbridge Public Library and the local sports teams to extend this exciting program to library card holders across southwestern Alberta.”

Some of the guidelines that will apply to accessing game tickets with a Library card:
* Customers wishing to reserve or check out game tickets must have a valid library card in good standing.
* Tickets are reserved on a first come, first served basis using the online request system available on the library’s website.
* Customers can view which tickets are available for upcoming games on the library’s website.
* Customers who have reserved tickets must pick up their tickets at the following locations:

- Bulls, Hurricanes and Kodiaks – Customer Service desk at the Main Branch
- Pronghorns – Customer Service desk at The Crossings Branch

* Each library cardholder can reserve up to 4 tickets for 1 game, per season, per team.

Ask for details and assistance at Library Customer Service Desks at both the Main Branch and The Crossings Branch or visit the Library’s website at

(From the Lethbridge Public Library)


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  1. After reservations are made does anyone know the cost of the tickets per seat at each venue?