Friday, 16 May 2014

Jordy Bellerive Visits Lethbridge

The highest-ever bantam draft pick in Lethbridge Hurricanes history made his first visit to Lethbridge on Friday.

Jordy Bellerive, along with his parents came to Lethbridge for a whirlwind tour of the city and ENMAX Centre. The Bellerives met Hurricanes President Brian McNaughton, some members of the team's scouting staff, office staff, coaching staff, GM Brad Robson, and also took some time to speak to local media. Here's a question and answer session we had with Bellerive and GM Brad Robson Friday afternoon. 

Jordy Bellerive

Media: How did it feel to get drafted?

Bellerive: "It was a dream come true. You dream of this growing up in minor hockey. Throughout the year that was the end goal. It was awesome."

Media: Getting drafted this high brings a lot of expectations. You've been one the projected top picks for about year.

Bellerive: "I'm used to it now. People always coming to watch and stuff. But it's just a number to me really. After draft day the real work begins."

Media: So what do you think of this process? The team taking you and your family around town showing you all Lethbridge has to offer.

Bellerive: "It is really nice. This is a great facility by the looks of it and I'm really excited to see how everything plays out."

Media: "Is this a place you see yourself playing junior hockey?

Bellerive: "Yeah. I think I could see myself playing here. Looks like a fun place to play with a lot of good young prospects coming up so, yeah definitely."

Media: With getting drafted this high it usually means you're going to a team that's been lowin the standings. It also means when you get here you will likely get a lot of playing time too.

Bellerive: "Heah it is definately something I'm looking forward to. Jumping in the league as a young player and hopefully stepping up early to try and be a leader."

Jordy Bellerive speaking with team Educational Advisor Jim Stewart

Brad Robson

Media: Brad how's it been getting some one-on-one time with Jordy and his parents today?

Robson: " It's been good. Went up to Calgary to get them and that gave us a few hours driving down to talk about the hockey club and everything. Once we arrived we met with Brian McNaughton and Herman Elfring and discussed our situation and the direction we're heading in now which is very positive.  Then we came to the rink to meet our office staff, coaching staff with a tour of the dressing room, Educational Advistor Jim Stewart, our billet family co-ordinator, and our Lethbridge Regional Police liaison. So we have have thrown a lot of stuff at them in a very short period of time. We just wanted to show them who we are and what the city is all about. After all this we will meet with them a second time and discuss a contract and the direction Jordy will be going this coming hockey season. 

Media: When do you plan on offering him a contract?

Robson: "Probably in about a month or so. There's no rush. We have till training camp. We want to see where the family is at for this year.  He's going to be going to the Okanagan Hockey Academy (OHA) and play Midget AAA this coming fall. He will come to training camp and we will see where he's at regarding his scheduling with the Okanagan Hockey Academy and then make that decision between now and before he has to go back to the OHA."

Media: Is this recruitment process, especially after the season the Hurricanes had, is it more to show these kids that it's still a functioning hockey team and they still get all the perks of playing in the WHL?

Robson: "Yes and just the facilities we have here in Lethbridge and the players we are bringing in here. We are turning the corner and there's going to be lots of positives with the young players that we had last year and the four or five that will be coming into our line-up this year. I think he's coming in at a good time with the 98's, 97's, 96's that we have and that depth we have with those players. 



  1. That last question and answer is hilarious. #perks

  2. I agree Hirachi.

    Robson: "We're turning a corner........." Really? That has yet to be seen by anyone in Lethbridge. My guess is the team will win roughly the same amount of games as last year and picking high again (top 3) next year.