Friday, 25 April 2014

Hurricanes Coming Before Lethbridge City Council

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are scheduled to make a presentation to Lethbridge City Council's regular meeting on Monday, April 28th.

The item is number four on the agenda for presentations and lists Board President Brian McNaughton and Western Hockey League Commissioner Ron Robison as presenters. The purpose of the presentation is to provide council "with information on the Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club and to give members of Council an update on the team's three year business & operational plan."

No financial requests are on the agenda from the club.

The Hurricanes Presentation is attached to the City Council agenda.

It states the following in a power point which will be presented on Monday. Here are few pieces of that power point which can be found on the City of Lethbridge website under Agendas and Minutes:

* We have a 5 year plan, the last year and a
half of that plan has been well below

* 13/14 Season was about stopping the fall
and resetting

* It will not be 5 more years

* Our players are good, in their age group, but
must continue to develop and improve – That
is our Coaches Responsibility
* Hurricanes have very good young prospects
*We will be patient but expect to make the


  1. Wow, now the Hurricane's President is going to try and persuade city council that they need a new lease based on the information that will be presented to them. The same old, same old story. Team did not achieve what they had hoped for in 13-14, they are young, they have good prospects, yada, yada. But will he be upfront and tell them that the 14-15 season will be another year of not being in the playoffs? Will the President be upfront with city council and tell them exactly how much they are in debt and if they have budgeted for a profit or loss for next season?

    I don't know how many people got their season ticket renewal form in the mail this past week. But the form was not accompanied by a letter saying, "Thanks for your support last season, etc, etc". Just a form.

    Dump'n Chase

  2. OK, so why does the City need to know this information. They have no stake in the team (shares). Anyone prepared to make a suggestion.

  3. Management must stop lying to hockey fans and the public of Lethbridge and Man-UP for the mistakes they have made. The Board promoted someone who had never been a GM before and hired a coach with almost no experience that was the story of the 13/14 season. They say 13/14 was about "stopping the fall and resetting"??? The Canes fell off a CLIFF versus previous years and they stopped nothing and made the situation multiple times worse than previous years! The team is young???? No they are not!! The last game of the regular season here is the age breakdown of the skaters for Lethbridge and for Med Hat who won the game 6-2 and went deep into the playoffs. The Canes are not young and are not talented:
    3 - 20 year olds
    3 - 19 year olds
    5 - 18 year olds
    5 - 17 year olds
    1 - 16 year olds
    1 - 15 year old

    Med Hat
    3 - 20 year olds
    3 - 19 year olds
    6 - 18 year olds
    5 - 17 year olds
    1 - 16 year old

    Almost identical roster ages! It is not a young team! Stop the lies and Man-UP! Edward

  4. Unfortunately Edward this president knows nothing but how to lie. It is terrible that these people who pretend to be knowledgable about hockey do not think twice about continuing on with this garbage instead of acting like true men and stepping aside. It is the only right thing to do. Anything else is simply an egotistical and selfish move to continue on destroying a large piece of the city's history for one's own enjoyment. And by "men" I mean the board president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, general manager, business manager, sales director and head coach. Any of them who think they are doing this organization anything more than a disservice by not resigning immediately are only kidding themselves. The entire city can see it. We laugh at your oblivious attempt to fool yourselves into thinking you are even a little bit appreciated. How embarrassing for you. Your reputations are forever tarnished. Get out while you can save a shred of your self respect.

    I hope the city refuses to come to terms on a lease agreement until the majority of these people leave as a way of proving the organization is serious about getting their crap together. I for one am jealous that Regina and Prince George are getting the fresh start that the Lethbridge Hurricanes so desperately deserve.

  5. On March 1st Fred Jack posted a tweet that said, "sources confirming for me this morning the Lethbridge Hurricanes will make one of their largest announcements in franchise history after the end of the season but before May 1st." On Friday April 25 Fred Jack posted a tweet that said, "major announcement not expected this spring much happened behind the scenes. Hard to believe things probably fell through." Fred is pretty well connected in the hockey world and I would certainly not question his "sources". I doubt that Fred would post something that would get fans. shareholders' hopes up that there could be a major change with the Hurricanes, without having proper sources.

    What strikes me in his post was the use of the words, "much happened behind the scenes........things probably fell through."

    Just what did happen behind the scenes? Was it the loans that were secured by the Hurricanes that saved the leadership's grasp on the reigns of the club? Leadership keeps saying the club is not for sale. Good to know that the leadership's team not for sale. I do not have an accounting background, but when you borrow money in order to pay off debts, don't you still have that debt? Or did the WHL give them one year's grace in order to get things in order or for the switching of franchises in and out of Lethbridge can be completed?

    Or did the dreams of fans to have a certain franchise move here fall by the wayside because of a lack of deal with the city on the lease, as rumored.

    Or was the WHL too involved in "saving face" with all their comments, of keeping a franchise in Lethbridge, etc. Oh yes and the commissioner of the WHL will be making a statement supporting the franchise (in other words the President) to city council on Monday. I hope the city councillors ask the tough, direct questions.

    All this speculation about the Hurricanes sale, moving, being replaced is hard on the fans, shareholders and the players. I would hope that from now on; all the "sources" out there keep their information to themselves, until there is concrete evidence (like the moving vans at the doors or the SOLD sign).

    Dump'n Chase

  6. Any truth to the rumour that 94.1 CJOC is walking away from the play-by-play?

  7. Very strong possibility the rumor is fact. Apparently they have decided not to bid for the broadcast rights. As for previous thoughts that Pat would leave 94.1 to do the play-by-play; forget that idea. He would not go. You can take that to the bank.

    Dump'n Chase.

  8. Firstly, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and allowing yourself to believe that the result will be different. Do give me the "hard on shareholders" sob story! If it is hard on them, they should get the request for a sell on to the agenda at the next AGM and then be there to get the vote done, relieve the board of their duties and infer the league that the franchise is for sale and get this team and its players or of this never ending treadmill!!! This GM and head coach are not the answer! This team should have been able to at least take a couple of baby steps forward last season, I don't buy the young team BS that this coach spews...the fact is that the team was worse at the end of the season then it was at the beginning! There is no development, players careers are being arrogantly sacrificed to satisfy egos at many levels, there is no money to even consider meaningful chance nor is there anyone that is running this team the even has the first clue of what meaningful change consists of for this franchise??? So what is it, keep dropping into the abyss for two more years and then pull a couple of names out of a hat to replace the GM and coach and then ride that treadmill for another 3 seasons? Come on folks, wake up already!!! The next thing that is going to happen is that the player agents are going to continue to steer their clients away from this team as was the case last season with our high end draft picks. Does anyone out there actually believe that this years 2nd overall pick will sign a contract here, not likely when the 3rd overall pick from two years ago couldn't get out of dodge fast enough, the writing is on the wall, read and react! Another black eye with the Lukowich wrongful dismissal suite, another guy that couldn't function within this juvenile structure. I'm not spending another red cent on this club until the structure and people change....


  9. Players, prospects and fans should totally boycott this franchise and demand change!!! No players, no prospects and no fans = meaningful solutions on a fast track...