Thursday, 13 March 2014

Water Emergency Re-Schedules Final Home Game

The City of Lethbridge remains in a State of Local Emergency this afternoon due to a critical water storage situation and a boil water order remains in effect.

Positive gains at The City Of Lethbridge Water Treatment Plant are being made and the communities conservation efforts are assisting the City to address this State of Local Emergency.

In an effort to provide our fans with a safe and enjoyable experience, The ENMAX Centre, The Hurricanes Hockey Club, The Medicine Hat Tigers and the WHL have made the decision to move this game to Sunday March 16th at 4:00PM. Concessions will be providing bottled products and all facilities within the venue will adhere to AHC Guidelines and Regulations.

All tickets for Friday, March 14th can be used at the door on Sunday, March 16th. Please note that due to these circumstances, there will be NO Season Tickets exchanged on Sunday. Doors open at 3:00PM, Game Time is 4:00PM.

The ENMAX Centre and Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club thank you for your consideration regarding this and we look forward to seeing you all at the game on Sunday, March 16th at 4:00PM.


  1. This is a poor decision. The water ban is 99% likely to be still in effect on Sunday afternoon. The League and the City have known since early Wed that this would be in effect for several days... So I fail to see the reason why they need to further disrupt the schedules and lives of thousands of fans, including the dozens that had made plans to come from Med Hat. Ppl can survive without water for 2-3 hours while at a hockey game...

  2. I don't think it has anything to do with the fans having to go without water but more about the water used to hold the game. The Zamboni requires water too as you may know along with toilets, sinks, showers, etc. This is why ALL city rinks are shut down right now. The city is trying desperately to build up its reserves again (especially in the event there is a fire) and has asked everyone to conserve water. The Hurricanes and the Enmax Centre are not exempt from that nor should they be. We also had to change up some plans but I would have been disappointed had they not done this.


  3. City would have been called hypocrits had they not changed it. But people still complain that they did. Can't win. (Kinda like the Hurricanes)


  4. It's only one game that was re-scheduled, I don't see what the big deal is. At least it's not in the middle of the season, could you imagine the b*****ng and complaining then?
    I'm still going to the game, even though I have to stay an extra night now. But it's a weekend game so it doesn't really matter anyway....


  5. I'm guessing the City of Lethbridge and the Canes guaranteed the league that Sunday will be a go no matter what or they would have scheduled this game in another venue. With the Canes having their awards presentations before the game I would think it was important for them to play this game at the home.

  6. Complaints will come from the Hurricanes office because of likely lower attendance on Sunday late afternoon. Some fans that had planned on Friday's game will be unable to attend Sunday. The lower attendance will mean lower revenue. Plus, what about those who bought tickets for Friday or season ticket holders who made other plans for Sunday. Refunds? Hardly likely because they need the money and don't have the money to give out refunds. Of course the city is all to blame!.


  7. Nice goal by Ramsay on the Mar 14, Goals of the Week! Only two goals against this week; so we have that going for us. I think that if I lived in Medicine Hat and had to listen to Ridley and his incredibly irritating squeaky voice and goal calls for even one of the 40+ years that he has been calling their games, I would have gone insane &/or married my sister.... Ohhhhh.... so THATS what happened.

    I also found it VERY strange that they post-poned the game only until Sunday when the water concern was initially announced to last through Monday. Then, I found it even MORE odd when the water ban was lifted altogether (early on) Friday. Does the city really have this little clue how much water is being used, and how long existing supplies should last?

    Eddy Puskon-Sangwinity

  8. Nothing can change the fact that under this board, this GM, and this Head Coach, at the completion of the game against the Tigers on Sunday, March 16th, 2014, the Lethbridge Hurricanes will enter their worst year and franchise record for fewest wins and fewest points in a 72 game season into their archives. - Quite a "Culture Change," I would agree.

    This season's team can do no better than 14 wins. The previous worst year came over 40 YEARS AGO in 1972-73 when this same franchise felt victory only 16 times in a 68 game season when they were known as the WINNIPEG JETS.

    The Kamloops Blazers beat the Cougars last night to vault 4 points ahead of the Hurricanes last night. Kamloops has one more to play this season.

    The Canes have to beat the Tigers both tonight in the Hat then again on Sunday in Lethbridge just to TIE the Blazers for the worst point record in the league (Assuming the Blazers cannot get a point from the Cougars in PG tonight).

    From only six points out of the playoffs last season and losing only the usual three twenty year olds to the current roster that has only two more similar players to last year's team than the SEATTLE T-BIRDS! - Complete change has equalled complete failure.

    The Canes are also the ONLY team in the league that still wouldn't be in the playoffs if we had TWICE as many points as we have today.... Now THAT is some pretty amazing "Culture Change" courtesy of architect and Head Coach Drake Berehowsky.

    Please be clear on this - NONE of this is on the players! An eagle also becomes extinct if he follows a do do bird.

    The Canes are the worst in EVERY single statistical category kept by the WHL including a league worst 0-12 streak (At least the team started their season with 2 wins in their first 12 games)

    Still encouraged by what you see BOD?
    Still think you are headed in the right direction, GM?
    Still think you and your "systems" are worth following, Head Coach?

    I am sure glad none of you are driving the bus! You have been crashing these poor players in too many other ways all year!

    Accountability? Unlikely.

    BOD - McNaughton, Wichers - Please go find something else to do!
    GM - Robson - What do you think? - Time for retirement?
    Head Coach - Berehowsky? - Please go find a DIFFERENT team that needs its "Culture Changed." - Do you like the city of Medicine Hat??

    I believe from what they have shown us this year that the only chance the Hurricanes have of improving next year is if none of you come back to lead them.

    Man up and move out BEFORE YOU ARE BOOED OUT OF THE ARENA by the forty of us that might still remain there!

    Thank you to the players that have weathered this brutal and undeserved season long storm!

    Thank you for your efforts amidst argueably the least qualified and most stubborn leadership team ever hired.

    Please put them out of their misery, WHL!

  9. Come on Tiradeausaurus Rantus. Why are you holding back on your opinion? Tell us how you really feel about this Train Wreck.

    The good thing is the Tigers are locked into 4th in the Conference and can’t move up or down in the standings. That means these next 2 games with the Canes really are meaningless for the Hat. That should at least keep le Tigre from scoring in the double digits or winning a 7-0 or 8-1 kind of game.

    I certainly don’t understand why you dedicated half of your post to the changes that need to be made to improve this franchise. This franchise (operating as the Lethbridge Hurricanes) will probably not be in Lethbridge next year, so why should we care about what is happening now?

    Dicks Gruntled (aka canesrock)

  10. As for the Canes having the absolute worst numbers in EVERY single statistical are wrong Tiradeausaurus Rantus.

    Out of the 100 statistical categories the WHL tracks, the Canes are only in last place in 99 of them, not 100 of them!

    The WinniBridge HurriJets only have the 19th worst power play out of 22 teams. That in it self proves that our franchise is only last in 99 out of 100 stats.

    Your mindset is Pleistocene or Paleolithic at best.

    Dean O. Sore .......... (aka canesrock)