Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hurricanes Announce Season Ticket Renewal

Hurricanes hockey fans can get an early jump on next season by renewing or purchasing their season tickets for the 2014-2015 season! Loyalty Pricing, for existing Season Ticket Holders, is in effect until June 21st.

Loyalty Pricing:
Adult                     $488.70
Senior                   $374.25
Student                 $363.75
Youth                    $167.25
*all taxes and facility fees included

If you’re a NEW Season Ticket Holder, you can purchase your tickets at our special Early Bird Pricing which is in effect until July 26th.

Early Bird Pricing:
Adult                     $504.45
Senior                   $427.00
Student                 $379.50
Youth                    $183.00
*all taxes and facility fees included

Season Tickets will be available NEW or for RENEWAL starting on Friday, March 7th on the concourse.

For more information on the 2014/15 Hurricanes Season Tickets, call the Hurricanes Office (403) 328-1986 or the ENMAX Ticket Centre at (403) 329-7328.


  1. Done & done.

    All the ranting about the horrible coaching all the losing.... and its STILL the best $1000 I will spend this year, without exception! Thanks, Pat! Thanks Canes! .... Now go pay those Accounts Payable .... (And don't forget to fire the Head Coach).

    Bakin Black

  2. Would be nice if everyone would hold off till the deadline (or later) to buy their season tickets. Giving them money now says "good job, keep up the good work next year". Why not wait and send a message to the board and the WHL that we need change. Make them sweat a bit. The fans and the players deserve that much. If you aren't a shareholder this is the only way you get to vote... with your dollars.

    2cents Worth

  3. I have to agree with 2cents Worth. We have had season tickets since virtually the beginning but I intend to hold off to see what they are planning to do about the coaching and the board situation. There is no chance that one penny more of my money is going towards Berehowsky's salary.


  4. The last thing I wanted to see was Drake and his crew fail. However, he has proven to be underqualified and it’s the kids and fans that are suffering. Too many deflections, lies and excuses from this organization. I won’t renew until I see some changes. The media can rightfully place the blame on me as a fan and shareholder when this team leaves. I did my duty and its time the organization steps up and puts a winning product on the ice.
    Long Run

  5. I too echo the hold off on buying my season ticket until the fate of the franchise is settled and why put more money into the pit of irresponsible spending.

    Dump'n Chase

  6. Buy seasons tickets for next year? Ha
    I want a refund for this past season!
    Never again.

  7. A Hurricanes season ticket is the worst ticket anyone could buy based on the passed 5 years. I'm a shareholder, but having Brian McNaughton talk down and flat out lie to me at recent shareholders meeting, I'm not spending one dime on this product until they sell this franchise. If the team leaves, so be it. The Board of Directors can only look in the mirror and take responsibility for their complete failures (and ridiculous decisions) for the loss.

    My money is going elsewhere.