Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hurricanes Fire Assistant Coach Lukowich

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced Saturday, Assistant Coach Brad Lukowich is no longer with the team.


Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager Brad Robson says Lukowich has been “terminated for cause.”


Lukowich joined the Hurricanes coaching staff in June 2013 after more than a decade in the National Hockey League with 6 different teams.


  1. Lukowich "terminated with cause"....cause of what? I guess that throws McNaughton's "almost break even" prediction out the window as the Canes will have to pay Lukowich for at least another season.
    Who hired Lukowich? I believe it was Brad R., therefore Drake had no say in who his defensive assistant. Gee, that sounds like the Stasiuk/Dyck situation all over again. Dyck was given the head coaching job before Stasiuk was hired. Doesn't the $100 owner understand that this does not work?

    Dump'n Chase.

    1. If he was fired "with cause" they are likely not on the hook for his salary. If it was without cause, they would be. We will never hear from the canes what the cause is because it will be confidential part of an employees record.


  2. Probably fired for "insubordination" because he had enough of the insanity and told them so....the only sane one of the group. I can see a lawsuit coming for payout of his contract. Unless you have committed a crime Termination for Cause is very tough to justify in Alberta and Canada. SC

  3. Pat do we know how long his contract was for and therefore how long we will be paying yet another member of the hockey operations who is no longer in the employ of the team? I know nothing about this situation but I am willing to bet someone finally got sick and tired of DB's useless systems.


  4. The @whlhurricanes tweeted a link to the story.
    Of course the link led to a broken website/app that didn't include the story.
    That's the most appropriate thing ever. #sellthecanes

  5. Terminated with cause means no payment of the rest of his contract. I see a lawsuit coming Lethbridge is extremely difficult for any company to terminate someone with cause in Canada. Tigers Rule

  6. A Global story that ran 2 days ago indicated Brad had chosen to leave the team, very different than being terminated for cause today. Maybe someone can shed some light on this one?

  7. For those wondering, Lukowich will NOT be paid the remainder of his contract effective immediately. I believe his deal was two years. The Canes are not on the hook for the rest of his contract.

  8. Unless Brad contests the termination for cause. He could easily contest it and unless the Hurricanes indeed had just cause, they would be on the hook for the rest of his contract. That, of course, would be for his Lawyer to deal with.

  9. Would be good to remember, that leaving the team because you are sick with the flu and then hitting the gym every day could very easily be cause for dismissal. You can "choose" to leave your job and when you return, they probably have just cause to fire you. P.S. Tigers fan, it's actually pretty easy to fire someone in Alberta. See, labour law pertaining to anyone not federally employed, is regulated by the province. And in Alberta? Real easy, we've been electing anti-labour governments this entire century.

  10. GM Robson was a member of one of Canada's largest law enforcement services for 30 years... I think he (along with the Canes lawyers) has proper knowledge of this issue...

  11. When your organization is financially strapped like the Canes its not uncommon to fire with cause knowing you are going to get sued and negotiate something less than what was owed. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds....TH