Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hurricanes Defeat Rebels 6-5 in Shoot Out

RED DEER - The Lethbridge Hurricanes erased a two goal deficit and battled back to beat the Red Deer Rebels 6-5 in a shoot out Friday night.

It was a wild opening period at the ENMAX Centrium as the two teams exchanged 5 goals. Red Deer opened the scoring on their first shot of the night when Rhyse Dieno beat Jonny Hogue to make it 1-0 Rebels. That was also a shorthanded goal. That lead was short-lived because just 31 seconds later the Canes stormed back on the power play when Reid Duke scored his 10th goal of the season to even things at 1-1. Less than two minutes later the Rebels would go on the power play and they'd get another one, this time Raymond's Brooks Maxwell scored to make it 2-1 Red  Deer. That was the Rebels' second goal on their first 5 shots of the night. The Canes got themselves into more penalty trouble a few minutes later and Red Deer would increase it's lead with another power play goal, again Maxwell getting the goal for Red Deer, his second of the game to make it 3-1 Rebels. Lethbridge got one of the back before the buzzer sounded when Carter Folk snapped home his 2nd goal of the season, beating Patrick Bartosak to make it a 3-2 game in favour of Red Deer through 20 minutes of play. Despite being down, the Canes out shot Red Deer 15-13.

In the second, the Rebels would jump ahead by a pair of goals again, when Nick Charif found the back of the net to give the home team a 4-2 lead. Shortly after that, the Hurricanes would get back to within one when Nick Walters fired a shot, scoring his 2nd goal of the season to cut the Rebels lead to 4-3. Those two goals cam early in the period and Hogue and Bartosak were perfect for the rest of the period and the score stayed 4-3 Red Deer through 40 minutes. The Rebels held a slight 26-24 edge in shots on goal.

In the third, the Rebels would take a two goal lead for a third time in the game, with yet another power play goal. This time Preston Kopek lit the red light to give Red Deer a 5-3 lead. Things weren't looking all that good for the Hurricanes, but they managed to battle back and tie the game again with a couple of goals. A power play goal by Kolten Olynek, his 4th of the season got Lethbridge to within one and then with just under 8 minutes left, Reid Duke scored his second goal of the night, 11th of the season to even the score at 5-5.  Neither club was able to score the rest of the period and the game would head into overtime.

The extra period solved nothing, so the game would head to a shoot out to decide a winner. Through 5 rounds of the shoot out, the only player to score for either team was Kolten Olynek and the Hurricanes would skate away with a 6-5, come-from-behind victory. The Hurricanes didn't once have the lead in this game until Olynek's shoot out winner. The Rebels slightly out shot the Canes 41-34 in this game. Special teams were huge. Red Deer went 3/5 on the power play and also scored a goal shorthanded. The Canes went 2/7 with thee man advantage.

The Hurricanes called up goaltender Stuart Skinner to back up Jonny Hogue for this game. The Hurricanes re-assigned Jarrod Schamerhorm to Merritt of the BCHL earlier in the day. Teagan Sacher, who's been injured since late December is very close to returning and likely will be back in action in the coming days. That will certainly boost the Hurricanes between the pipes for the final 18 games of the season.

Three Quarterway Point in the 2013-2014 WHL Season

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are now officially through 3/4 of this WHL season and now have just 18 games remaining before things wrap up and the players head home for thee off-season. Through 54 games, the Canes sit with a record of 11-38-2-3. During the exact same 54 game sample last season, the Hurricanes had compiled a record of 24-22-1-7 for 56 points.

Hurricanes This Week

Our first program of February hits the CJOC airwaves at 7:00 pm MST on Monday night (Feb. 3). We hope to have Assistant Coach Mike Craig on the program for a little bit. Goaltender Teagan Sacher, and Les Lazaruk, the radio voice of the Saskatoon Blades.

Next Up

After a very hectic schedule which kept the Hurricanes on the road a lot last month, the Hurricanes will stick around southern Alberta for pretty much the majority of the first three weeks of February. The Canes have 12 games this month, 6 at home and a6 on the road. The Hurricanes will play 3 games in 4 nights this coming week. Their next action is Wednesday (Feb. 5) when they host the Saskatoon Blades. Game time is 7:00 pm MST. The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Canes will host Kooteny Friday (Feb. 7) and then head to Cranbrook for the re-match Saturday (Feb. 8).



  1. Very encouraging two of our 96’s got the first star the last two games.
    Way to battle back. I hope this staff keeps Jonny in net for Wed game.
    Long run

  2. One positive I take from the last two games is that in the first game they fell behind 2-0 early but were able to come back . In the second game they again fell behind early and then fell behind several times more , never gave up, played hard and tied the game--won in a shoot out.
    Earlier in the season when they fell behind like that it was game over and things got worse as the game went on .
    I hope this hard work and "don't give up" attitude continues but let's avoid these bad starts.
    With 11 rookies on this team [more than any other team ] I am encouraged for the future. Proud of the way you played lately. Keep it up .

  3. Wondering where all the crappy coaching comments are. Only saw a couple off the glass and out plays. Congrats to the coaches, hopefully the boys will continue to learn. There are a few players starting to step up more like Duke, Sheen, and even saw Hackman pinching a few times. Good job boys keep striving to be the best you can possibly be because we can not ask anymore then that. Now a new subject. Anyone else notice the new mobile and full canes sites. They are worse now, can't even see game summary on full version till after the game and they re-did the mobile one to and is almost as bad. Can someone please tell them we want to see the game summary during the game. KAOS

    1. Did not watch or listen to the Red Deer game do like the result though. There have been players giving it their all this year even in trying times and this is nice to see. As for the crappy coaching comments it is always the same five or six commenters and they must have their comments already typed so they can cut and paste it.

      As for the Canes sites I have noticed that for the last month it has left a lot to be desired. I wonder if the business end of the organization is also suffering. Mind you for looking at other CHL web sites ours has always been dismal. The next shareholders meeting will be very informative. Hopefully Pat will be there and report on it.

      A View from Above

    2. Lethbridge Hurricanes2 February 2014 at 13:57

      Regarding questions on the Hurricanes site.
      The entire CHL is being updated to a new CMS system and so far the Hurricanes are only one of 5 WHL teams that have changed. There are still pages/updates being made and the Hurricanes are working with the provider to get things as they should be as it has not been a smooth of a transition as expected. The mobile site which is not configured due to the changes won't be synced until later this month which is what we've been told.
      We've tried to add things (ie: an online store - finally) and some others and we're trying to make it as fan/user friendly as possible.

    3. Didn't see Lewkowich at practice last week and he wasn't behind the bench in Red Deer? Whats up with that, is he sick? Hopefully not more division on this already troubled team...

  4. Who is the hockey expert at the WHL office that compiles the "Plays of the Week" ?

    They don't include the tidy three way passing play from Jan 29th (Ramsay's game winner against Prince Albert) in the Jan 31st Plays of the Week, but they include some pretty unremarkable goals in the 3:43 clip. All the "Cane" highlights are for goals against - Thanks WHL! Nice. Real nice.

    1. Usually games that are on the Wednesday are not included in the Friday right after, as it seems the deadline passes. It'll most likely be on February 7ths episode.

    2. Don't take things so seriously. Highlight shows, plays of the week, the top 10 etc are not the be all and end all of life. It's a crapshoot as to who sees what, when , why and how and maybe they put it on their hi-lite reel.

      To get that absorbed into one of the million top 10 lists is just stupid.

      Yes it was a great play, but it is done and gone.


  5. Another reminder to please tag your posts with some kind of handle. Easier for other posters to identify and respond. Thanks!

  6. Ok, enough is enough! Last Friday during the broadcast, Paul Kingsmith (filling in for Pat) stated that assistant coach Brad Lukowich was not on the bus with the team due to the flu. The last couple of practices, no Brad Lukowich. He must have a horrible case of the flu. However, Brad has been seen in town and is the picture of health according to a credible source. So the question is; was Brad really sick with the flu or was that the "message" given to the media to cover up the fact he is no longer with the club? If so, when is the management of this team going to learn that this city of 93,000 is more like 9,300 and word gets out fast. Why "sugar coat" the message? Why not just come out with the truth? Makes one wonder just how much "sugar coating" will be attempted by the President come this Thursday night at the "Shareholder Information Meeting"?

    Enough already!

    Dump'n Chase

    1. Well something is up thats for sure, just judging from all the bickering, arguing and bad body language at the last few home games behind the bench between the Drake and the other two coaches? Maybe Lewkowich wasn't buying into the "system" either, maybe he was sent home and is waiting for a trade? LOL

      There was a couple of "ROGERS" sugar trucks backed up to the Enmax this morning so likely another "sweet" report on the state of the union...


  7. You guys kill me. "Lukowich isn't at practice, it must be a mutiny!" People in this city aren't happy unless there is a conspiracy going on. Now we're going on body language. The only thing worse than the team's record on the ice are the "fans" that keep trying to stir up "crap and garbage" on the blog sites.