Friday, 10 January 2014

Hurricanes Acquire Goalie From Portland

Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager Brad Robson announced today that the Canes have acquired goaltender Jarrod Schamerhorn from the Portland Winterhawks in exchange for a 7th round Bantam pick in 2014.


The 6’2, 189 pound netminder from Kelowna, BC has played in 10 games with the Winterhawks posting a 3-2-0-0 record with a 4.40 GAA and .875 save percentage. With Thursday’s trade of overage goalie Corbin Boes to Portland, Schamerhorn will be a key addition to the team while 19 year old Teagan Sacher remains out with injury.


 The Hurricanes expect the newly acquired Schamerhorn to arrive prior to tonight’s game with the CHL’s top team, the Kelowna Rockets.


  1. A quote from Brian Mc and Brian Wichers at a city meeting:::
    “I can stand here and say emphatically, the board of directors has never received an offer from anyone to buy this hockey team,” he said, a team which he estimated has a value of $9 million, as he added there would significant interest in the Hurricanes. “If this team ever came up for sale, it would be sold in a heartbeat.”
    McNaughton said he believes the team has more value as a community entity, as Hurricanes vice-president Brian Wichers added that structure allows the team to give back much more to the area.
    “It’s a community-owned hockey team, but it’s a team that makes a big impact in the community and the surrounding areas,” said Wichers.
    McNaughton also addressed the team’s recent struggles on the ice, and added it was only four years ago when the team decided to build through the draft.
    “Those players are still only 17 years old in our system,” he said. “They really don’t become impactful WHL players until they are 18, 19 and 20, so it’s a process.”

  2. Now that the trading deadine has come and gone, let's tally up what the Canes have given up and received.
    Gone is Boes a 20yr old goaltender who has been inconsistent at best, but played his best hockey over the last 5-6 games. In return the Canes get the rights to the troublesome Shane McColgan (20), a late 2nd round pick and Steven Alldridge (18) who is 6'3" 200 with no pts in 24 games.
    Russ Maxwell goes to Seattle for Seth Swenson (20) 6'2" 208 with 20pts along with Michael Holub (17) 6'0" 200 who is described as a good penalty killer and a 4th rd pick in 2014.
    Keeping in mind that the Canes gave up an early 1st round pick to Brandon for Boes (huge error); the Canes have more size, gotten younger; no signs of any scoring, and a couple of picks (late 1st and late 4th).
    Not much of an immediate improvement, especially with age and scoring.
    Plus the Canes now have 4 overages.....Derko, Swenson, McColgan (who we do not need in the dressing room with his attitude) and Ramsay.

    All in all, disappointing trades, and one trade (Walters) that was not made.

    This should be the best night for sales of the $2. excuse for a program just to get the numbers right.

    Dump 'n Chase

  3. Whoa could we not give the new kids a chance before we determine whether or not the trades were good or not. Looking at the new roster it does not appear that McColgan is going to show so no problem with the 20 yr old rule. We also do not know how much ice time the players that are coming here got or what the total situation was with the team that they left.

    I do agree with the fact that the Boes trade was a mistake. The two draft picks could prove to be very beneficial.

    It is going to take a period of time to judge the players that we acquired.

    A View from Above

    1. the thing I don't get is they bitch about weak players coming from other team ( in their minds ) to the canes and what bad trades these were, then turn around and bitch about players that were not traded (walters) more than likely because nobody wanted to dish out a fair price for him..with a handful of people there is no wining, they just love to bitch...bob

  4. I agree with View and say we give these lads a chance before we judge. They deserve that much. We are looking forward to seeing the young Hogue in net tonight. I hope the defense will step up their game and help keep the shots coming at him to a manageable number. Good luck to all the fellows tonight.


  5. At a glance, this looks like a pretty disappointing acquisition.

    4.40 GAA and 0.875 as a 95-born .... while playing on one of the best teams in the league... Not exactly awesome.

    Hogue's only been allowed to play ONE measley game.... against the stinking Tigers.... on Home Opener (6-1 L) - HARDLY a fair sample size of his talents. Should have just asked Chris Tai back (Hopefully they did and Chris told them where to go), or brought Skinner or someone's little brother in to back up Hogue while Sacher heals up.

    Since I'm already kind of into a rant here (Sorry Rantus), big CONGRATS to Estephan on his performance at U17 and silver medal, and HUGE shame on the Canes coaches and administration for not putting him in the starting line up &/or acknowledging this impressive accolade during the pre-game at his first game back at the Enmax! Real missed opportunity to honor a team member, and market/upsell your team to the fans. Disgraceful!

    And... while I'm on a roll here on trade deadline and other screw-ups,.... I Feel VERY sorry for Ramsay that he is stuck with us for his entire WHL career. I have a VERY difficult time believing that there was NO team in the dub that didn't have a 20 year old that they would trade straight up for Ramsay. As I scan the roster sheets, I see several playoff teams with some pretty useless looking 20 year olds in comparison. This had better be RAMSAY'S preference to stay here. Hopefully some HUGE fan support for Brady in the games that follow!!

    (If he DID actually request to stay, the onus is on our medical staff to check him again more thoroughly for concussion?!?)


  6. (Pat, any chance you might have time to address this in pre-game or during game?) As part of Boes deal, why would Robson trade for "the rights" to McColgan with face pressed up against the trade deadline knowing we already have three twenty year old roster players (Ramsay, Derko, Swenson)?

    Is Derko done for the season (The weekly WHL report does not reflect this)? - Would we simply delist him (and could another team add him after the deadline?) if McColgan wants to play?

    We can't trade him now, so In the unlikely event that McColgan wants to play in Lethbridge , what then? I can't make any sense of this move, so it looks like we simply wasted an asset?


  7. Brad will be on live with me in the second intermission tonight. I intend on asking him that.