Monday, 13 January 2014

Duke & Cooper Make CSS Mid-Term Rankings

Central Scouting released the Mid-term rankings this morning and a pair of Lethbridge Hurricanes crack the list.

Reid Duke comes in ranked 65th among North American Skaters. The 17-year old Calgarian, has been on the “watch list” all season and in November was listed as a “C” North American skater; projecting him to be a 4th to 6th round pick in the Draft. Duke has played 36 games this season and is fourth in team scoring with 23 points, including 9 goals.

Taylor Cooper (left) & Reid Duke (right)
Entering the rankings for the first time this season is 18-year old Taylor Cooper. The 6’0, 186 pound left winger from Sherwood Park is ranked 148th among North American skaters. Cooper joined the Hurricanes in November when he, along with teammate Nick Walters and prospect Tanner Browne were acquired from Brandon in the Ryan Pilon trade. In 18 games with the Hurricanes, Cooper has 1G, 7A and prior to that he had 10 points (7G, 3A) in 23 games with the Wheat Kings.

Chase Phelps is ranked 165th and like Duke was listed as U.S High School West “C Skater” to watch. Listed by the Hurricanes, he played for team U.S.A at the U-18 Ivan Hlinka Memorial tournament in August, where the team claimed the Silver medal.

The 2014 NHL Entry Draft will be held June 27-28 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The full mid-term rankings list can be found at


  1. This is an amazing day for this organization!Chase Phelps is in the Top 200.


  2. Congratulations to both Reid Duke and Taylor Cooper. We noted that the Medicine Hat Tigers, currently fourth place in the conference, did not place a player anywhere on the list. This is not meant as a bash to that organization but rather to make a point. It just goes to show you that you do not have to be on a top-placed team to be noticed. Win or lose, good work ethic and talent will shine through.


  3. Phelps is also going to Boston University, where he signed a national letter of intent.

  4. Forget Phelps, and the theoretical connection the Canes had with him. It is a painful reminder of the unavoidable reality which is that the Canes have no chance to sign highly touted players. They MUST get more creative with their assets. The Canes need to start asking these kids where they want to play, then trading them to these teams for roster players. If they can avoid another case of premature high draft pick donation this year, they should consider the same.

    Looking forward to the show tonight. Hoping that certain loquacious individuals can minimize their usual repetition and make better use of the hour.

    Ramsay - Why is he still on the roster? Did he want to stay? Has he been offered a CT scan?

    Derko - Why is he still on the roster? We traded our highest draft pick ever, and now NO team would give up an underachieving 20 year old in exchange for his 100 mph shot in their lengthy playoff run?

    Duke, Sheen, Wong, Ramsay, Estephan, Olynek, Erkamps - As evidenced by the increase in selfish penalites and on ice body language, they are becoming more frustrated with the systems and the waste of their significant offensive talents. Can the coaches invest some energy in adjusting their sucking systems to take advantage of what these players COULD be doing... ESPECIALLY on the power(less) play!

    Coaches, GM, BOD - What level of failure is sufficient for loss of job? What level of success is sufficient to keep job? What are the chances that BOD realise they are thee weakest link and resign?

    What are the chances that the team will be up for sale after the season?

    1. Duke, Sheen, Wong, Ramsay, Estephan, Olynek, Erkamps look like all they feel they need to do is play pure offence??? Once these coaches start to insist on some defensive play and some puck support from these guys, maybe some things might turn around? They seem to get all of the unearned opportunities in the world and yet produce nothing? Doubt Derko will be back and if he is it might be for a few token games right at the end of the season and apparently Sacher has already had two or three concussions, likely he is contemplating his future with his doctor and family, would be very surprised if he is back this season as well? There are some serious and deep routed issues with this team that either they do not want to deal with or they simply do not know how? Maybe 4 more wins out of the next 25 games unless something drastic takes place very shortly...

  5. Derko had knee surgery and likely will be out 4-5 more weeks. Probably had something to do with why no trade was done there.


  6. What is funny is Ryan Pilon is not on the list!

  7. I don't think Pilon is draft eligible until 2015. Pat perhaps you could correct me if I am wrong.